Saturday, October 20, 2018

Grammie Sitting

Too Busy to Post watching Grand Babies Grow on Days off

One in front of me and one on the Monitor in Crib

Such Hard work... LOL... but don't have my sewing machine or computer

Still sewing in the Middle of the night... but Things like
Toddlers Tote Bag for Alphabet Letters and
Baby Snuggy Floor Throw out of Minky

Ooops, remember I made a throw out of Blue for baby Brother...?...  uhoh... have to make a pink throw

The throw is a layer of minky on each side and 1 layer of flat batting in the center... Bias quilted  1 1/2" spaced and then used printed star gauze trim around the edge using a blanket sewing machine stitch to catch in both sides of the gauze trim.  The blue star printed gauze was used for 2 baby swaddle blankets and 2  Grammie burping shoulder pads.

Of Course, I have more than 365 OUTFITS.. so who cares about my clothes..Ha

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kimono Jacket and Skirt set

Bought this pattern from Etsy... but I did not look like this in it... I am not small and it was unflattering..... so I started changing... it... layering lace and appliqueing .
The original pieces of fabric were not specific for this pattern, so I did not have  enoough of the colored lace to do a whole blouse or jacket... I thought this would work..???
I don't like 3/4 sleeves so I doubled the width of the trim on the trim view... and then I layered white lace to give the impression of set in sleeves.... ( I have rounded shoulders and I knew better than do something without set in sleeves...)
The back didn't look right so I added appliques on the layered lace down the middle to try to not focus on my size...

Layered with lace and then appliqued with overlay from the skirt fabric
Now for the Tier drop skirt out of yellow and I feel I will probably layer lace at the ends of the tear drops...

I also found this pattern on Etsy- The skirt will be yellow like the yellow in the jacket using the view that is pink on the front.
Thinking overlays of lace somewhere on the tear drops.
This outfit is totally experiments.. The blouse will be a faux silk white brocade but I am using a pleater board for the first time... not sure of how I will make the blouse front exactly...but all of the fabrics except the white lace came from the 2.97 room....  The white lace came from the 25.00 eveningwear table on sale.

Did the skirt...  layering just the lace flowers on the teardrops... alternating the colored lace flower and then the white ones.

Cut Out part you want to applique, used ultra hold bond but you should use lite, because the heavier ultra hold gums up your needle if you do the satin stitch with the machine around the edge as I did.  I added the venetian lace around the bottom of the tier drop skirt after I made the skirt itself and then did the applique.

I pinned on the upside down scallop of the lace from the jacket and alternated tierdrops.

I appliqued the lace around the edge with a tiny satin stitch being careful to not interrupt the edging of the venetian lace trim and then quilted lightly through the lace and tierdrop corner so it would lay flat nicely.

The end result of the bottom of the skirt is here, but I still am not sure about the outfit itself... Feels like I should be dancing or something.  I still have the blouse to do which I felt this satin charmeuse white damask type would be another great experiment with some pleating from my new pleater board.... pictures to follow.

This whole outfit is just one experiment after another.... BUT FIRST  I have to be Rosie the Riveter for Holloween and I have to make the Little Alphabet Tote for my little grand-daughter out of Pur Pel Vinyl with letters and numbers on the outside...

This Outfit started out inexpensive.... 2.97 a yard... BUT.. the white lace overlay came from the 25.00 a yard lace Evening Spec. table...(yard and half of the White Lace- admitting there is some leftover for appliqueing on other things) and the Venetian Lace edging was expensive too... (also had more than needed-to be used later).....BUT... it seemed important at the time....and the pleater board was expensive, but I am going to experiment with it on this blouse and then use it on little dresses for my grand daughter-that is the plan.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Inspiration  <---  all about what happens from my kayak

We All Need Inspiration.... Mine

My Spot of Relaxation and Inspiration after Work

My Personal Minky Blanket... Made and Designed by Me

My Sheets are in the same design.. Kayaking in my sleep

Take your favorite places with you!

Everyone needs moments of getting away from it alll!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wrap Some Fabric

Sooo one of the customers was trying to do something they saw on the internet...  I could not like the way they had it so I added my own slant.

3 yards of Fabric... cut one strip off the width about 4 inches..
cover 4 or 5 buttons... I did 4 and made a brooche.  This folds around twice... No lining needed as dress but also makes a good coverup to go out after the beach.

2 buttons are your earrings and 2 are going to be used on each strap area top of dress

Earrings of same fabric and see closeup below, where buttons go through all layers of fabric at strap bases so the wrap stays wrapped correctly.  Pin brooch back with motled blue art paper glued in base and clear cabochon on top to enhance the matching blue.  Pin pulls the front edge to the side in a pleated effect.

after buttoning on the left to give pazazz I pulled up to pleat a little to the side and stitched with an embroidery stitch... made a brooch with a cabochon and some like colored onionskin art paper and put the decorative pin there.  Buttons are not necessary but keeps you from feeling too just wrapped and is simple still.

Felt like I was beaching it!

Turquoise lace cardigan is the free flowing cardigan pattern.  Butterick 5045   (6 inches shorter than pattern pieces)

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Embroidery Experimenting

Quick before work sewing adventure

Well, a little already embroidered fabric, backed with some lilac silk, underlying scarf was a little darker lavendar color to enhance the embroidery and scalloped and leaf embroidered around the edge and trimmed.
The blouse is from the 'Treasure Hunt Room'... Already smocked and textured damask type embellishment
Blouse made without a pattern-folded over to shirt length-boatneck hole cut in fold...sides sewn up to arm hole width and sleeves attached with a horizontal cuff that was also scalloped embroidery.
The neckline was foldover self bias strip and slightly gathered to give a tiny standup edge.  Long side strip made a neck scarf to tie in a sailors scarf knot.
Burgundy Tubins' enhanced the colors in the embroidery.

This scarf is backed with the silky shirt fabric- the yellow one is backed by embroidery scalloping the edges and trimming..

Miranda is wearing a blue silky shirt with an embroidered scarf... earrings will be the same and I believe slightly embellishing the boatish shape neckline with some jewels under the self bias... possibly some illusion sleeves or lace if I can find some here that is in blues..

Shirt Directions:.... both Yellow smocked material and blue silky material same- no pattern
Yellow copied sleeves on extra fabric.... Blue will find something else for fancy sleeves

Bottom hem is just turned up narrow twice and the same with the slits on the side.

The strip from the bottom of front and back can do the neckline or the sleeveholes in this case only the neckline.  If you have extra fabric cut bias strip.

  Back to baby tie receiving blankets that I haven't quite figured out ..... pictures to follow

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Baby Boy Bunting


Boy Coming......

Lightweight.. no batting... just two layers minkie

Large Square folded over sewn and flipped right side out... topstitch around edge... fold to size of bunting.... sew accross bottom overlapping the amount you want the closing and stitch... flip again...
Fold opening corners back and topstitch over topstitching to stitch open in V.  Make matching baby hat with downloaded PDF for Baby hat....  Stitch accross bottom to create Emergency supply pocket.. ( just a pocket does not come open)  Bottom bow trim is stitched on permanently.  

Length of inner bunting is 22 inches
Bottom from Ribbon trim down is pocket for ?  Diapers? Wipes?... Burpers?

Pocket Stuffer-Emergency supplies...

Top bow is decor, with one ribbon sewn on under bow and one on edge of bunting and the two when closing just twist ribbons and pull ends through for simple closing

Replay of Sisters Bunting

Baby Girl Bunting---Simpler but sleeping wonders