Thursday, April 25, 2019

Tote-done Quickly

Quick Tote out of Soft Vinyl-Inside and Out

This was very quickly made... 1/2 yard of outside vinyl and 1/2 yard of inside vinyl

Vinyl comes 54 inches wide-so the vinyl I fold up to the depth I want and cut off the excess strip and use it for the handles or pockets or whatever... This is simple, I make a bunch of big ones for my vacation luggage... easy to smash in my hatchback with my kayaks without taking up much room... all the fabrics are usually non wrinkling spandex or stretch matte jersey... so fun.

Inside is vinyl too, so can be used on the kayak and no worries about water splashing.... 

After folding up and sewing side seams, just fold the bottom edge of sewn sides to the width you want your tote bottom and do the same on both sides.... If you are doing outside strapping like this, best to mark and sew the strapping on before you sew sides and bottom, easier to work with... top handles sewn on after you put the inside lining in and turn top edges in a quarter of an inch and top stitch. Then sew handles on....

I just folded the leftovers in and top stitched leaving the bottoms open so I could fold them up and stitch the rectangular fold over the top edge of the strapping... Works for me!

Can always use another tote bag

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Totes Have Choices