Friday, October 30, 2020


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Chemise and Netting Underdress


I work and Shop at

Usually I just do simple and quick

This crazy 'Butterfly Fairy' Outfit is dragging on

Here is the forest Green Netting Underdress that will go over the simple Georgette Chemise.   This is the design.... I have made the sleeves and I am cutting out the bodice and skirt and sewing the georgette cordings now, before I go out.

I am excited to think of wearing this, much less drawing it... LOL
So the underskirt is planned to land just under the teardrop of the dress and the sleeves peek out of the sleeves of the coat dress as in the orignial picture of the dress... The dress is made... and I have laid out the parts of the shoes-(which I am going to try to embroider the butterflies on the shoes) or maybe do the 3D ones as on the sleeves and flower
Forest Green Underdress will be poking out from under this coatdress and butterfly on leaves overlay will hang over the once shoulder like this,,,,,
I am thinking maybe three small butterflies on parts of sleeves but 3D like on the leaves.... maybe 1 small one on the back as the floral lace is also quilted on the back of the coatdress.

Here is the back.... 

When underdress is done it will be below the line of lace and teardrop bottom.

Every other tear at the bottom is overlayed with color lace and every other is overlayed with white lace... edging is venetian lace... that was expensive compared to the rest.... 
The top part in the back is overlayed but also quilted in the back diamond shapes... so  Since I am so overboard... might as well add a butterfly or two... small ones to the back or a teardrop...LOL... talk about overkill


and of course her facemask....??? probably one of the yellow ones
but it is all in how the fairy feels the day she dons her uniform...


I love this fabric... all are my real butterflies on fabric from my gardens when I had many flowers or kayaking butterflies

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Today--Making Some Scarves-Earrings and Jewelry and maybe you will see a finished total outfit

 First let's talk about this last creation I have been embellishing on...

I love these Butterflies... The fabric has quite a few on it, so I am going to put a couple more on the top and sleeves....

Note the button is from

It just buttons on the collar of the green underdress but hangs over the edge of the outfit.

I ripped some of the chiffon(georgette) into strips to make a green flower on a sleeve or edge for a butterfly to be attached to...(I know I go sooo overboard, fun for me)

some netting
tear some strips
cut a circle out of the netting and gather strip start sewing on circle on the outside and wind in as you sew

A flower for my shoulder

next I just need to make some butterflies to land on the flower

2 Butterflies one for top and one for bottom and craftex for this one...embroidery thread for machine edging and go for it!

I was helping someone on the button wall one day and found these beautiful gold buttons with green satin ribbon woven through them... That was what made me make this skirt and top into a coatdress because they just went so perfect.  YES, they were expensive... but I love the WOW effect on me when I button them and look at the full look in the mirror.

But butterflies are good to make earrings on a smaller scale... and it is fun to try all your stitches on your sewing machine.

I am going to add to this posting as I complete the items today.... Happy Sewing

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Face Masks

 wear them over your nose.... and the reason to  wear them is to make a barrier   so

don't stand in front of me with a big hole in your mask in the front..

Masks with Exhalation Valves or Vents

The purpose of masks is to keep respiratory droplets from reaching others to aid with source control. However, masks with one-way valves or vents allow air to be exhaled through a hole in the material, which can result in expelled respiratory droplets that can reach others.  This type of mask does not prevent the person wearing the mask from transmitting COVID-19 to others. Therefore, CDC does not recommend using masks for source control if they have an exhalation valve or vent.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Fitting and changing styles of Patterns

I don't like kimono sleeves.. so originally I overlaid the lace to look like set in sleeves.  But this did not help the cut.  I have rounded shoulders...really rounded.. so I like set in sleeves... I just tried this style because I liked the idea of piecing different textures.  Now... after improvising I once again am changing the style cut.

So after the darts from the set in sleeves and the darts to make the waist fitted at the peplum, I found I needed to do a full body dart up to the edge of the trim to take out the extra gapage...(word?) and in the back I did the same thing.  I am big accross the back and still with the change from the kimono sleeves to the set in sleeves I needed to take more in... so I did the same thing in the back doing a full length body dart in the back too.

Now, the 25 lbs I lost not only is obvious.. it is obviously not enough... so back to the powdered drinks for the next four days and heavy exercising.

Gotta get those old musics with the beats going...LOL

The next group of pics will be the forest green under dresses... and then the crazy shoes...

The pattern that has some set in sleeves is this one:

I took the sleeve pattern piece and overlaid the sleeve cap on the top of the coat dress already made... and cut the sleeve off close to the lace over lay.   This way I knew I could alter the sleeve that was already made and match the shoulder seam and the sleeve seam a the top.... I took in the bottom of the sleeve to match the pattern piece under seam... now to match it back up to the bodice..

Pattern piece I overlaid over the original kimono sleeves to get a set in sleeve..

Here is one sleeve altered and set back into the bodice.... but side darts to the bodice had to be added first to make the bodice work with set-in sleeves otherwise there was a bulk gap in the fitting.

Lace kind of hid this, but it only takes a pinch and stitch to make the bodice have two darts one up and one side and then the sleeves fit back in perfectly.... Whether my  big body will fit? I am very very shapely.... so I prefer baggy flowy things.... It is not that I am shy, but I find it unnecessary to show all my curves to feel pretty and feminine... I prefer the freeflowing fashion look.  But this is to show you different ideas you can do with bits and  pieces of things.

Here you can see where I just laid it on the top cut the sleeve off and added the dart on the side to fit the sleeve back in and make the bodice tailored.

*******  The bodice originally was just baggy... I have now put a dart in the bottom of the bodice to attach the skirt waistline to the bodice waistline.... so that is a pointing up dart made by trying it on and making it fit at the waist.   This causes some bulk gaping on the top of the bodice just under the sleeve... Now with the altering the sleeve to a set in sleeve I have added a side dart to the bodice ... This makes a fitted the bustline

-->                 <---

     /\     **   /\

The other thing that this does is pinch out the extra fabric to fit the new sizing of the set in sleeve as I put it back onto the coat dress top.

The peplum was just lace so it was very nice, but with the added buttons on the rest, I decided the peplum needed the pretty ribbon enhanced gold buttons, too.   SO you see I started out with 3 pieces of 2.97 fabrics... added some expenisve venetian lace trim and then went for the fancy buttons... but I love the look!!!

In case the peplum edges flipped up when I was walking, I backed the edges with interfacing on muslin with some 2.97 lace strips topstitched on... This gave stability for the buttonholes and buttons, but also was pretty if the underedge look.

So, this is just showing you how I make patterns different by cross blending pattern pieces... You can have many different dresses just by pulling pieces from one and putting them on another.  The other thing you can do is always mix textures as in this dress, or Color Block giving total different looks to simple styles...  Making Simple look Complicated, but it is only simple with different colored panels or cuffs collars or bias trims.



Thursday, October 8, 2020


 I added some facemasks to my Etsy Shop
All masks have a flexible nose insert you can shape to your face and you may purchase an optional cord to go in the second casing as a hanger when you take the mask off or as added security when you have the mask on to pull tightly and seal your top edge.

Free shipping and if you want cord just click the option with cording... on the Etsy shop site.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Overlaying Lace and readapting a pattern to your body Using Your Machine embroidery for embellishing


I started with this pattern and some bits and pieces of fabric I found in the 2.97 room and then when I decided to overlay lace I went to the 25.00 a yard white overembroicered lace and the venitian lace for the added white trim...  and from then there was no stopping me...

I loved the tear drop edging, but after I overlaid the top, it needed some pizazz and I obliged...

I added alternation color imprinted lace like the peplum and then I trimmed the bottom with the venetian lace and finally I decided to slice it up the middle and sew the two pieces together to make a Coat Dress....  So the final outcome before I decided to add the pricey ribbon enhanced gold buttons and the matching shoes...?????  is this look!!!

I am liking the look so far..

So this is how it is now... I have to finish the sewing of the over top to the dress and the button plackerts, but I have got some dark green of 3 different fabrics to make a dark green dress/blouse for under that has a rouched neckline of sorts with leaves coming over the top of this dress and I am going to embroider the veins in the leaves with verigated threads... so as I do it I will post the steps... LOL-I am trying to make myself finish this.  I told them at work I would wear it on Monday...  

I am copying the body lines from this pattern for the top of my coat dress... Originally it was kimono style so it is hard without set in sleeves.  I am going to try to copy the body curve into my top of the dress.

There has to be an underdress if this is a Coat Dress, so here is the plan....
Forest Green Netting as the over dress with a rouched neckline and bias trim... with a little embroidery of leaves to go with the Coat dress designs... this embroidery of leaves will hang over as a collar would....

There will be a Hunter Green Georgette Chemise under this netting dress.... Using this pattern but without the waistline... just a simple straight full style with the neckline gathered, where it goes under the bias trim.. 

The style will be between these two types, but with the embroidery enhancement.... as in this

Butterfly Underdress with Chemise under it

Finished Butterfly Coat Dress with underdress under and showing Teardrop sleeves with teardrop skirt.
Underdress is slightly longer so the dark green teardrop skirt shows under the venetian Lace Teardrop on Coat dress
Sewn on one side with the same gold flower button as the central point

I have some espadrille bottoms and I am going to try to put

some comfort sole bottoms inside to wear to 


That is a Shoe experiment .

I have the shoe bottoms... the insoles and the tools to do a shoe... maybe  a wrap of some kind for comfort....