Thursday, August 16, 2018

Baby Boy Bunting


Boy Coming......

Lightweight.. no batting... just two layers minkie

Large Square folded over sewn and flipped right side out... topstitch around edge... fold to size of bunting.... sew accross bottom overlapping the amount you want the closing and stitch... flip again...
Fold opening corners back and topstitch over topstitching to stitch open in V.  Make matching baby hat with downloaded PDF for Baby hat....  Stitch accross bottom to create Emergency supply pocket.. ( just a pocket does not come open)  Bottom bow trim is stitched on permanently.  

Length of inner bunting is 22 inches
Bottom from Ribbon trim down is pocket for ?  Diapers? Wipes?... Burpers?

Pocket Stuffer-Emergency supplies...

Top bow is decor, with one ribbon sewn on under bow and one on edge of bunting and the two when closing just twist ribbons and pull ends through for simple closing

Replay of Sisters Bunting

Baby Girl Bunting---Simpler but sleeping wonders