Monday, November 11, 2019

Handwork on Pug Quillow

YES, I am finishing the Pug Quillow...I put off the handwork

I cannot put it off any longer... It is cold out

Can you tell the Pugs are Three Dimensional?.... so I am hand quilting each block  then free motion outline quilting each pug--before I do stitch in the ditch through the whole sandwich - The back is Minky

I am Not Stopping except to go to work until I
am done with this one!!

This is my new freemotion quilting foot to use with templates between the blocks
My machine is over 20 years old, but it is fabulous to me--Just think what YOU could do with a New Bernina or Brother That practically sews and embroiders without you!!!

Quillow Went home with the new Owner

Two squares left to make a pillow for Christmas

And the pillow is now done for Christmas present... One side Soccer and one side Motorcycle pugs

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Christmas Past

Well time to think of what to make everyone for Christmas
There was this Nuno Felting Christmas

Bought some  Silk from G Street and Merino Wool and Silk fibers are rolled into the silk scarf by wetting and using a Bubble Wrap sandwich between the dowel I rolled with and the wetted fibers on silk- They wore them at least once...hahaha- Merry Christmas laughing

Purple Nuno Felted Scarf

Blue Nuno Felted Scarf

This was a Green Nuno Felted Scarf

This was one in the process of drying on a hanger

Decades of Sewing Gone By

Decades Gone by in Dresswear Old and Young

Disclaimer: all adult men in the pictures have gone by ?? who knows where..... BUT my sewing machine is still here!... Reliable Dependable and Loyal....HAHAHA

Soooo...Sewww.... I am going over old pics... here is some of the dresswear I made 53+ years ago

1966 Class of 1967 Senior Class Wittiest Female

I made most of my clothes in High School and especially special occasions.  This was just a simple cotton shirtwaist out of a dark brown coarse cotton.

1965 Dress and Jacket School Dance

With Dad and without the jacket

1966 High School Dance

School Dance 1967

School Dance 1967 Had a Matching Stole-Wrap

See Me at G Street Fabrics in New Creations Every Day

Come to the Store and touch and feel the fabric <--- click

I loved the matching hairbands...

Cotton Knit pants and a matching cotton knit print shirt and I loved these little vests...I also made a little jacket out of the yellow with a zipper up the front...1970's

I made my first Wedding Dress and my bridesmaid.

My first child on the way... I thought the lace, trim and vest would hide all that extra me?

My first daughter in her summer dress

OOOPS!...  met another guy who was gonna take care of me and mine for the rest of my life...HAHAHA, 2 more kids and where is HE now..... but my sewing machine is still here.... AWWW the comfort of knowing something will always be there for you....

My Party Outfit made Totally by me

One of my daughters and I looking alike in our outfits

This lovely shirtwaist in cotton and a little cardigan out of sweatshirt fleece to match

One of my Christmas outfits... suede velvet skirt and ruffly silky blouse...

She Loved her Corduroy Overalls with the heart buttons and an applique on the bib...

And she got a ruffly dress too...LOL

I loved this cotton suit that I made

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sewing Mock Turtle neck, separate cowell collar, and Coral Tubins

Coral Mock Turtleneck, Tubins and Freeflowing Jacket
ALL Fabrics come from G Street Fabrics

Love this Mock Turtleneck-I adjusted this pattern to make the mock turtleneck one third of the size of the pattern piece and just folded it over and then sew it on.

I did use the pattern, but changed the neck and used the long sleeves

Threw the nearest silk I had around my neck and added a bracelet to give it a little pizzazz

Total Outfit - Coral and Orange plus Earrings of  all, pants fabric, chiffon jacket fabric, mock turtleneck fabric..scarf fabric-many choices for accessories

Favorite Freeflowing Jacket Pattern-shortened 6 inches for me

This is the separate cowell collar displayed on a hanger, when weather is colder add large cowell collar

20 minute pants... make legs wider so they don't fit snug on legs, but straight pencil style...adjust length for you to ankle.
10 minutes to cut.. 1 piece pattern...Right leg and left leg no pocket---- 10 minutes to sew-- right leg left leg hem each --sew crotch-- sew elastic circle for waist and just flip top over elastic and turn under edge top stitch leaving opening in front so you can tell front from back and tiny opening so you can pull elastic when you want to make smaller or add if you need to add inches..20 minutes done

Made this outfit and wore to the store Come See <---