Friday, October 22, 2021

UFOs Unfinished Objects

 OR you could say UFO

UnIdentified Fabric Obsessions:

I needed some space... Terrible to say but my bins of fabric stash-bottom one cracked and they fell over---- well I do work in a fabric store...

I had a large... very large Monitor on top of 3 bins.... the bottom bin -which was cheap.. lid cracked and I awoke in the night to the monitor falling onto my ankles at the end of the bed...

Everything happens for a reason-  I have an accuquilt cutter sooo I had some very large dies in front of the TV so they hit my ankles first and kept the angle of the monitor from breaking my ankles...YEH!  

This is a wall of bins beside my bed... and the ones in front of the end of my bed had the monitor on them..

This led me to pull out a UFO and finish it....something I knew I would love but it just took longer than my usual sewing so I put it away.

This was an african print fabric that there was a small piece of years ago... and the store manager said like it ... you can have it... make something... so I started piecing it... first I took the whole piece and backed it with batting and started free motion quilting... then I laid it out on a vest I liked.... and of course, I ran out so that is the suede patches you see... but the good news is...the nice suede was also in the bin and there is a little over a yard of the suede so... I can make pants to match..

 --pants will take 20 minutes... but I have to line the UFO first with some minky...  All were things... just UFOing..   

  I plan on finishing this outfit before I go back to ISPY quilting... and the clutch and purse that is patches of leftovers from the coat.

I deserve a new outfit to wear on Sunday to work... and it will be warm because... it is starting to get chilly and the warehouse gets chilly as it gets cold..

The other day... I was cold so I had to buy a Yard and half of Polar fleece... and make a Ruana wrap

Another pinned together but not sewn UFO in bin...I just had to sew it ... This was a two piece suede fringe vest that I was experimenting with..

There was no side seams just a top... cut fringe and a bottom sew together and you have a simple vest- Guess I have to seam it... was crammed in the bin pinned together... LOL

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Minky-Minkie- Make it with Minky

Our store has minky (minkie) in colors textures and prints

You can make a patchwork blankie

You can make a plain blankie

You can make a Stork Bag Shower gift wrap that changes into a blanket after baby is born... full of hand made baby presents.

Reward-seeing baby in the blankie after birth...

Simple quilted blankie

Baby Bunting with pocket at bottom to put your extra diapers and baby trip necessities. Top satin bow velcros shut... double bow on front.

Minky wrap sack--minky quilted than made into shape for wrap.

Tummy Time Play Mat ... MMM he loves Lambie Pie

Playtime Texture Ball

Minkie - Baby Books - soft and learning

Washable Story Books-Tied through Large Eyelets for Washable

Washable soft bib Appliques

Quillow-Quilt that folds into a Pillow

Billow-Blanket that folds into a Pillow

and on and on and on

Friday, October 1, 2021

Quick Sew Lace Coat Dress

Buy a Lace with a Scallop on the edge that is wide enough to go around you and you can pin your side and back piece together..

Lay your back piece on the fold and pin your pattern piece in front of a Straight simple jacket and make it the length to your ankles and you only have to cut out the top edge of your two pattern pieces together as you have laid them as if they are sewn on the fabric... and the scallop will be down the front 

Sew your Shoulders together and just flat roll edge the neck.

at the bottom you will flat roll the hem.

Lay out your sleeves so the scallop in on the edge of your sleeve and sew your sleeve onto the jacket ...DONE...