Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Proper Nose Inserts in Face Masks


 I am facing the public at work and many do not know how to wear a face mask properly.

You can make a casing in any mask-if your mask is one of those someone did not put  a pocket you can reach in... just put some bias tape as wide as your casing and stitch it onto the top of the back so you can slip a nose insert inside.

Easy flexible bendable but stays in position above your nose....:

1.  Take two plastic nose inserts  
2.  Put a piece of 22 gauge floral wire in between.
3.  tape the two ends with some magic tape or scotch tape of some kind.
4.  Slide the insert into your sewn casing 
5.  When you put your mask on bend the casing to fit YOUR face and it will not slide down

Please if you are one of these sweet people who want to talk a lot with your mask on put an insert in so that you are really wearing a mask.  If your mask is bopping up and down when you talk you are spreading germs just as if you had no mask on.

Some people say they have an insert, but still they are walking around with the mask falling down under their nose.

Don't take your mask off to eat over an area where other people will be after without wiping down your compromised area.

Don't take your mask off to blow your nose in an area where other people are or where they soon will be without wiping down the area with disinfectant of some kind.


The nose insert should hold your mask above and in front of your nose at all times.... not letting your mask drop down when you are talking.

The mask is not going to perform what it should if you are taking it off when talking to someone or letting it drop below your nose because you think that is efficient to let you breath.

Other Supplies you may want to make the mask for everyone.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Sparkle Red Dress

 Looking in the Stash....  Fabrics from GSTREETFABRICS in Rockville, MD

 3/4 yard of glittery black lace and a 2.5 yard piece of glittery red
stretch knit

Feeling a little cold lets make a turtle neck glitter dress with a slit up the side and black glitter lace in the slit.

I used this pattern because the red glitter knit was very stretchy.. extended to the ankle and put a slit up one side.

I did add a scarf and just tied a knot in it for something else detail 

Mask of the same red with the black lace over it

and a slight sleeved shawl to put some black lace over the top.  

Mask was made by putting the glitter black lace over the red glitter knit and lining with the usual cotton filter pocket and adjustable elastic ear tabs. 

For work of course the mask and a long black glittery free flowing jacket

It was cold so:

I got to wear my Fabulous Fur Coat to keep warm!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Tree Napkins

Christmas Tree Folded Napkins

Found these directions on Youtube and just some sets for sale
We -Gstreetfabrics

Lots of Christmas Type Fabrics still for Sale-So I made some of these and mailed them to various - I love you people-(My mom inspired the cardinal fabrics)

2x2.5 inch rectangles for the trunks.. out of whatever you want your Christmas tree trunk to look like-  I thought maybe even do a couple of presents on the trunk in embroidery....You can use verigated thread to top stitch around your trunks and or your Trees

Sew your trunks after you have preshrunk and cut your little rectangles...  Leave one end open and that is the end you are going to sew into your seam line....

Half circles from center point 8.5 inches

Be Sure to Pre shrink before cutting your
Half circles out...


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sewing a Birthday Jacket with Skins

 Found these beautiful small Animal Skins at Gstreetfabrics..

This is my birthday outfit.... ewww big birthday needs a special outfit.

So, since I can't stand being cold, it will be warm but simple enough to wear in the store if it feels drafty as sooo many people come in at once...
One side is purple sueded and the other side is Black slick furr
so I am going to try to make it reversible as I have all my other coats and jackets... 

I am planning on adding a little bit of sherpa skin on the edge of the front and the feather fur I used on this fabulous fur jacket.  It also comes in a purple... but I think I am only going to use it in a strip on the back....

The Plan

Friday, November 27, 2020

Surroundings that Inspire ME


My Special Place to curl up--- and more important to look at and say...AHHH.... MY PLACE

My Panther pillow came from

There is also a Leopard and a Lion... all equally impressive.  One was enough for my tiny space.

I also used these same squares to make a tote for someone at work--

surrounded by neoprene and faux leather with backpack handles or D-Ringed Shoulder or luggage style handles

This was the otherside of his tote

In Process  and when finished

Take something Awesome like these squares from G Street Fabrics and Make something You Just want to admire!

So this is my blanket turned over... Black Quilted Satin side up...

The other side is my special Waterview Material...(my creation both fabric and sewing) but right now I am in the Sunrise....

My sunrise Sheets.... You can buy from Spoonflower My Site

My Lakeview Set Duvet for sale

These are my fabrics I designed but printed and sets are made by Spoonflower .... my shop is Kittykittypurrs---or you can go to  if you want pre made sets....

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Family History Quilt

👪👪👪I have no business starting another quilt but.....


YES, I KNOW... but I am flipping back and forth in Ancestry... and I decided that now I have gone back 8 generations in Mom Dad lines..  that gives me - Moms 2 Grandmas and 2 Grandpas and Dads 2 Grandmas and 2 Grandpas... that is 8 blocks above mom and Dad and My Brother and I *** Looks like a Queen or Cal King Size...might work- Initials and B.D. dates-Maybe names if I hand embroider... ahhh

I have 5 more rows of ancestors to put on.... the top row of squares is 6 inch so  96 accross... then the next row would be 4 inch squares and 2 rows would complete those branches... and 3 row... for the next generation... about 25 inches in the length added   -  I think that would make the dimensions good for Queen or King...10 rows of different sizeds... but 8 generations.."the trunk being us---- my side water and kayaking and sewing.... my brother ...Hunting and country and cars and trucks....

Back to my regular sewing and errands...

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Time to make your christmas gifts


You can make some Scarves....
Here in Maryland It is Cold...

We have soft cashmere wools, blends and lovely fabrics to make an around the neck scarf....

Just add pockets at the bottom and keep your hands warm toooo..

Someone is getting these this year!

and   Kimonos...... I can do those!!!!

We have some kimono fabric... hmmm

OR  Kaftan...   out of Polar Fleece...hmmm

And... don't forget face masks with all presents...LOL 

Sewing For Money

Beginning Inventory

If selling be sure to keep track of all base expenses...and then remember you are not FREE.

Decide how and what you are going to sell.  Open your excel or whatever you like to use, or even a small ledger book.  Write down all your expenses so you can subtract out the costs when you determine your price.  Add in gas and time to pick your supplies and then your time to make.  You wonder why things you buy premade costs so much?  One person is paid to order the supplies or pick them up and another is paid to make them, and then there is the third or more party selling them.  YOURS is a deal.

Easy no brainer.... etsy store of your own- will connect to quickbooks if you want.... will direct deposit

Spoonflower-design your own fabric..become a pro and get discounts and quick turn around... also will direct deposit

Have a dedicated website - buy a domain name and make your own simple website...for listing your inventory and a purchasing site such as paypal to send invoices or put a click and pay.

Look up fesitivals you can sign up for or craft shows or stores that will sell your wares.  Remember you have to start early to enter by being judged to get into the shows.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Shoes-Clutch-changes in Improvising...

  Well, I am not going to talk about this outfit anymore...

I was so tired when I got home from work.. I zonked... The plan was to wear this tomorrow... but

I finished parts and when I went to do the tear drop on the bottom of the underskirt there was not enough of the green netting to do the whole tear drop under... I did the skirt and the tear drop piece is huge...There was only enough to do one side...I can piece it strangely-do a different green on the bottom or do a white lace ( I have a big piece I could used... so maybe both

This is the last of mentions of this one except the last pics of finished products....

I did not have enough to cut two of these out on the fold for the 7 teardrops.... so... I have

The underdress is made of the netting... but the teardrop ran out.. I could use the beautiful burnout dark green chiffon with the satin leaves on it.... Ohhhhh I hate to just cut part...maybe try to do the whole skirt and tear drop out... or just the teardrops and then have enough for fancy blouse or dress insets in some othe fabric which is what it was bought for.... AHHHHH

I don't have enough of the chemise left over for the tear drop... or the bag of netting scraps..I could piece it ??? ewww... back to using my pretty fabric... Too many decisions.

Now, I have a clutch, shoes and embroidery and handwork to do on the shoes... and more decisions..

Here are the parts...???? I need to do it and be done.



Needles thread stabilizer and ideas for shoe espradrille tops

Ideas of making a medium wedge not flat into a comfort espradrille I can wear all day at work and be walking on air...?Layering the insole padding.

Faux stretch black leather look and faux neoprene stretch black suede and stretch faux suede in dark green.... so a wrap on top of some kind with these and embroider a butterfly or 3D a butterfly on the toes or on one of the shoes...???    andddd  don't forget the matching clutch... oh maybe not tomorrow...

Now I am too tired to do anything... BUT.. remember I have a very small space and everything is on my I have to do something or I can't go to bed....AHHHH


Friday, October 30, 2020


link to send flowers to someone you appreciate-they did!<--

Chemise and Netting Underdress


I work and Shop at

Usually I just do simple and quick

This crazy 'Butterfly Fairy' Outfit is dragging on

Here is the forest Green Netting Underdress that will go over the simple Georgette Chemise.   This is the design.... I have made the sleeves and I am cutting out the bodice and skirt and sewing the georgette cordings now, before I go out.

I am excited to think of wearing this, much less drawing it... LOL
So the underskirt is planned to land just under the teardrop of the dress and the sleeves peek out of the sleeves of the coat dress as in the orignial picture of the dress... The dress is made... and I have laid out the parts of the shoes-(which I am going to try to embroider the butterflies on the shoes) or maybe do the 3D ones as on the sleeves and flower
Forest Green Underdress will be poking out from under this coatdress and butterfly on leaves overlay will hang over the once shoulder like this,,,,,
I am thinking maybe three small butterflies on parts of sleeves but 3D like on the leaves.... maybe 1 small one on the back as the floral lace is also quilted on the back of the coatdress.

Here is the back.... 

When underdress is done it will be below the line of lace and teardrop bottom.

Every other tear at the bottom is overlayed with color lace and every other is overlayed with white lace... edging is venetian lace... that was expensive compared to the rest.... 
The top part in the back is overlayed but also quilted in the back diamond shapes... so  Since I am so overboard... might as well add a butterfly or two... small ones to the back or a teardrop...LOL... talk about overkill


and of course her facemask....??? probably one of the yellow ones
but it is all in how the fairy feels the day she dons her uniform...


I love this fabric... all are my real butterflies on fabric from my gardens when I had many flowers or kayaking butterflies