Thursday, January 21, 2021

My Personal Fabric Designs

 If you like the Beach-Kayaking or Water- You can get a pillow, all sizes, blankets, out of minkie or velvet, duvet covers out of cotton with ties for your comforter inside, and wonderful, beautiful total bedsets out of my waterview fabrics and Garden surroundings.

Bedding in my heron design

Kittykittypurrs design fabric shop <-- water love

Friday, January 15, 2021

Babies Babies Showers Gifts

 Baby Gift Ideas...?

Gifts I have created in the past and what I am doing now... remember.. as in the purple sueded coat blog-I go back and add on to the same topics, or may put them on a different blog.

In the past I have made gift baskets...start with a theme or animal:

Frogs -

Cover a scrapbook or photo album-with or without lace trim..can put a ribbon to tie shut...can add something on the front and put a push button music box inside the front. The front of this one had a beanie frog under a blanket and his head was on a heart pillow.  The music box was inside the heart pillow on the photo album.

Booties with frogs cross stitched on toes hung from the handle with a matching drool bib.

The one below was all about Bears.  A suncatcher for the window of the baby that was a bear (I was doing stainglass at the time, too)  There was a gingham burp drool and tinkle set in the basket-which was a teddy bear basket with the head on the one end and the legs and arms on the side.  If you want any further instructions or amounts of fabric etc.  You can always find me at G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD ...Sun.  Mon. Tues.  or just email me ... at

Teddy Bears-


Included a simple panel quilt with lace around it and outline quilted the characters on the quilt panel..Always a burp drool and tinkle set of the same theme.  Different kinds of  bibs, cloth books and photo album.

Cross-stitching is fun and easy to add that handmade look to items...


As you can see from the fuschia glow it was wrapped in Colored Cellophane

Dog Themes:

Music box in the ladies skirt

This was one of my favorites..

Hoody Terry Fleece Bath Towel

Right now I am doing a Sheep Theme
and a Butterfly in a later blog I will post what I have done and how.

I do many different things and have many different blogs, but I love the fabric and unless I print the fabric myself the fabric comes from Gstreetfabrics where I work  or

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Combining Different Textures for a Jacket


This was a true texture challenge for me.

Did it work?... Well, I felt good about it, so I think that is what counts... I felt like a Silk and Velvet Queen!!


2 Different colors of Velvet Burnout combined with Irridescent Dupioni Silk that was a combination of Teal and Blue at different angles.

I did not have enough of the teal Burnout to make the whole jacket so I found a piece of Very Dark Blue (looked black in some lights) Burnout that was just enough size for a scarf... about a quarter yard or 3/8 yard piece.

I wanted to use it, but it just wasn't right by itself.  I ended up hunting for something at   when I was at work and bought a quarter yard of Irridescent Dupioni Silk thinking I could use it for a trim of some kind.

Nothing looked right by itself... so I used the silk on the cuffs..... and put a trim piece between the two colors at the bottom of the Teal... then added the dark blue.... but still didn't seem together for me... soooooo.... I decided to braid the three fabrics and make an accent trim to pull it together at the edge between the two colors...

Three long strips one of each color when folded in and top stitched make about 1/4 inch strip.

Sew the three together on the end and then braid to make the braid.  This was sewn onto the 1 and 1/4 inch piece of dupioni that separated the Teal and the dark blue burnouts.  This created a trim.

I did a large Covered button of each color and added it at the bottom closure...

I LOVE THESE COVERED BUTTONS.... I also use them for earrings of all sizes... needlenose plyers
and a package of earring backs some glue and you can make earrings for all your outfits..

Scarves together of 3 colors

Did it work?... Got a couple of compliments today... think it worked... my new fun thing... braiding the fabrics for trim!!

I paired this jacket with a silk drapeneck blouse of all the colors... 

This is a drapeneck silk blouse...

Quick pants of leggins or tubins
1. lay out 1 piece pattern
2. cut out
3. sew right left leg
4. sew crotch
5. turn up bottom of each leg twice and topstitch
6. sew elastic together size of waist
7. lay on top of pants and fold over the fabric to the inside over elastic
8. Topstitch leaving an opening at the front so you can make tighter or looser when needed and also to identify your front from your back easily when you are pulling your pants on.

These pants take 1and 1/4 yard fabric for my height -some type of stretch for pulling over hips...elastic waist.
Hem is turned under twice about 3/8 to 1/2 inch and topstitched.  I make the leg long and straight so I can pull the top over my boot tops.  These are what I call can make them tight with a light stretch knit and call them leggins....

Two pieces cut from 1 piece pattern laying on 60 inch wide fabric folded over and sew right left crotch... make elastic circle the size of your waist out of 3/4 inch non roll elastic... lay over the top of your sewn together pants...roll top over the elastic to wrong side of pants...turn under 1/4 inch-leave enough space so you do not catch the elastic when top stitching.. start your stitching at the front waist seam and end about 1/4 inch before the seam so you have an adjustable elastic.... can make tighter or looser at your needs... comfortable and quick pockets.  I wear tunics or mock neck sweaters or loose silk blouses hanging over my waist so I don't need pockets in my pants.

Jacket in Purple Suede Reversible Black Fur

 The Jacket is made from skins-Black short shiny soft fur on one side and purple suede on the other
I picked up 1 black sherpa skin because I knew there was not enough for a whole Jacket for me.
It reversed to a darker purple so-so I used it for the lapels on the dark furry side and the dark purple sued for the yoke in the back.

The Accent pockets are deep to put your hands fully into and alternated contrasting strips where I didn't have enough skins.


Reversible Side-Shiny Fur and Pleather

When the Jacket is on the Purple suede side the lapels folded back will be Black Curly Sherpa   and when the Jacket is on the Shiny black fur side the Lapels will be Deep Purple suede.....

When the Jacket is on the Purple suede side the Sleeves will be black faux suede and the cuffs folded up will be on the black shiny pleather side with the feather fur trim on the edge.

When the Jacket is on the Black shiny fur side the Sleeves will be shiny pleather with the cuffs folded up will be the black faux suede side with the feathery fur trim on the edge.

The Back Yoke will be Black Faux suede as the sleeves on the purple suede side and when on the Black shiny fur jacket side the yoke will be the shiny black pleather like the sleeves with the feathery fur trim at the edge of the yoke on both jacket sides....or should I take the black sherpa skin and use it for the yoke on the light purple side and then the dark purple sueded will be the yoke on the black shiny fur side....

I could just cut the shape of the lapels to fold back and forth and sew it on at a slant with some understitching at the seam or topstitching so it will fold back nicely..probably the seam should be out on the sherpa side because it will be less noticeable with the bulk of the sherpa.

I think there is enough of the sherpa skin to do the lapels and the yoke so the dark purple is against the shiny black fur side
So, I used create a pattern pellon and cut a lapel going all the way down to the bottom of the Jacket and cut out the black sherpa to sew onto the black side of the lapel so it would flip without showing the wrong shade of purple on this side.

Added a few inches of pleather to the bottom to give length and put fur around the lapel and accross the bottom of the yoke on both sides to define the design.

Then the bottom will have a little of the feather fur.

Thinking some side pockets that flip out when you reverse jacket and a little feathery fur trim right where you put your hands in the pocket.

Reverse side-suede back

Reversed to all suede with pleather trim at bottom-sleeves become suede with a pleather cuff.

The bottom addition of pleather trim has become complicated and Parts of the front trim- I am slant quilting with the machine to give it some stability with the sewing lines.

Now I am thinking of overlaid pockets on both side that are slanted to put hands into. 

 There are enough scraps for some odds and ends like pieced clutch, necklace, earrings - soooo fun  This took

3 small purple/black shiny fur skins-1 small sherpa/suede skin

and enough pleather suede neoprene to do the reversible sleeves probably 1/2 yard of each.  I had that in stash.

1/4 yard of purple feather fur

All supplies came from

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