Monday, January 28, 2019

Infinity Scarves-Sweater Top-Pants

Getting Things Done: Eh?!...Just Like You

I am just like you and everyone else.  Geesh, I work fulltime, otherwise I can't have fun spending any money... everything takes money even if it is just food.  But when people say I have no time to sew, well, re-examine what you do in a day and decide if sewing something is a priority for you.  It is for me.

Right now, I just finally made my coffee to get me going and I am blogging to make myself accomplish something for YOU....LOL and ME

So, I KNOW, I am going to make the 2 Infinity scarves that I have laying here beside me.  3/8 of a yard of orange sequined organza and a Dark Brown pintucked taffeta I got out of the 2.97 room @ GStreetFabrics yesterday.

Finished the Silk Kimono and Belt and Gave that up...Done Yesterday....

See the pile next to me... I tell myself...DO NOT TOUCH THE REMOTES... one puts me back down in the bed and the other turns on the streaming movies..... ARGGGH
Okay, the exercise chart is at least 30 years old... my every year New Years Resolution 30 Days to thin thighs... LOL  so I can go kayaking in my bathing suits and  tight leggings... HA
and... most important the two scarves I am definitely going to make... a different style of pants pattern that I have some fabric here to try this for my non stretch material..You can see the edge of my erasable boogie board where I write what I must do at the moment and then I can push the button and it disappears.  I did ride my exercise bike and exercise my arms with the shake weights last night while I watched a movie... Usually I don't make it off the bed after I get home from work, but I forced myself... trying to start the New Year, even if it is a month late...It IS still January-RIGHT!

Out of the long list of things to do before work, I can definitely do these two scarves.  3/8 yard of fabric each... will cut in half and sew ends together....make long tube leaving an opening big enough to put my hand in and pull through.... First tube... then with it inside out will pull the very end to meet inside so I am seeing wrong side of fabric and the end meeting inside will be right side to right side and I can sew around the seam closing the tube... BUT don't forget to twist once inside before sewing that end shut so it has the infinity twist.  THEN, you will reach into the hole and pull the scarf rightside out.... SHAZAMMM!

1.  Sew the tube up to 2 1/2 inches in middle of tube fold over... and then start again 2 1/2 inches on the other side of the middle of the fold over.... giving you a 5 inch hole to pull you fabric through when finished sewing... in step 3

2.  Reach into the tube... see my fingers... from one end of the long tube you reach in and pull the end through so it meets the end you have reached through... this will make the tube outside will be the wrong side of your scarf... the end you pull through will give you the seam so that you will have a round scarf inside out when you sew it... but WAIT.. twist once so you have the infinity twist...and then 

<-- End of tube pin tucks are the right side so there is a three dimensional design on the right side of the fabric... Sew all the way round and your scarf is closed

3.  Sew the end of the tube right sides together all the way around.

4.  Reach into the 5 inch hole you left and pull the right side through and voila... you have your infinity scarf... just sew the hole with a slip stitch and ready to wear...

    Sound Quick and Easy?... It is... So I know at the very least I will have had my coffee and made two scarves.  They will be to wear to work on Wednesday with a new Brown Dress... but WAIT... let's finish today...

Finished and wore the Brown one... Need to make the Brown Dress to wear the Orange Sequined One

This definitely needs the Brown Dress to show off the sequins

Looks like there might be enough of the ultrasuede to do the pants and a small vest.... and enough of the paisley scarf to do a tunic style top...

The spider web blue is a jacket that is cut out and ready to sew...possible wear today (done)with these infinity scarves that I made last week... maybe  The coral is a pair of pants to be made to wear with the coral jacket I made two weeks ago with a matching infinity scarf....There is a pair of baby blue ultrasuede pants to be made (done)with the blue jacket, but I will be happy with the jacket done....  SO... now that I have told you... my blog... Let me get kicking.  I will report back or See YOU at Gstreet  LATER!!

Done and worn today if you saw me...

This was the top I chose... Black stretch lace with a liner and sleeves of a glittery stretch knit sewn on the inside in a sweetheart neckline and shoulderblade drop in back.  Scalloped bottom

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Patterns Customers always Ask For the Style



We have a lot of customers looking for ways to have Saris Made
This is a pattern with the typlical style

Simplicity 8162-Top or Dress

Great Loose bulky Turtle neck sweater type Top

Last but not least.... the Lace Over Dress or Blouse

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Too Cute

He is too cute not to share!

Okay big sis is cute too and I did make the kitty polar fleece blankie-Throw

kimono robe or not

No----- Asked for big sleeve style

Possible without banding and some improvising.

Three Choices but only 2 1/8 yds fabric
All call for more, but for bathrobe style with big sleeves,
using 2940 costume kimono, but have to find some fabric for banding... because I was not given the banding material...short person and 3/4 length so I decided I could adjust it.....

Fabric-  very very silky patterned all over non directional--this might work, but did not overlap in front so as robe, maybe not...

This would be excellent with black, blue, green or yellow banding.   I just didn't have anything in the stash the right weight and color to band.... so no banding.

I cut out the kimono, but could not make myself sew it without the banding.... so I bought both black and dark blue banding to see which I wanted to see...Three quarter kimono, 1 1/2 yds for banding and belt.... and 1 yard of interfacing (midweight)---again, I used the costume kimono -  adjusted for height and size by using the width I wanted shortening the sleeves for a shorter person before attaching the banding and shortening the pattern pieces for the length asked for to make a nice robe.

The fabric appears to be silk, but I am pretty sure the banding is polyester as I got it in the 2.97 room, but it is the same weight as the silk.

Sewing the kimono was pretty simple because it was just two baggy sleeves and two pieces for the front and the back piece, I did put the fronts and back together before I inset the sleeves, and that was easy for me, but easy for you is do it the way the pattern says and sew the shoulders, the the sleeves on the top edge and just sew the sleeve all the down the side of the dress.

I am doing the banding next... sew the cuffs together, and sew the two pieces of edge banding together .... press the outer edge up the 5/8 and then sew the notched edge onto the sleeves and fold it over sew you can hand sew the inner edge of banding and cuff.

I believe the difference in the contrasting black banding is fabulous.

using 2940 costume kimono

Had some problems with the fabric catching.. changed machine needles and nothing helped... hopefully a delicate pressing will make everything better

Hand Sewing stage

Hand sewing banding done... just needs a belt!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Jacket, Top and pants.......Baby baby blues and Scarves Scarves

Pants Simplicity 9597      (Leggings... made into Tubins')Drapeneck Blouse   Butterick 3131      Flattering if you don't have a long neckJacket                       Butterick 5045      Free Flowing... Fits anyone (shortened about 4-6 inches to go with pants, but is a long jacket for dresses)

What you see me in at work-

These are all quick and easy designs.... it is all about the colors and fabric textures more than the designs...

I work FULLTIME... you can do this tooo... are you motivated to have beautiful clothes without going broke?.... GOFORIT!!

If I can do it so can YOU!

Well,  Baby Blue Jacket spiderweb jacket and Ultrasuede, microfiber stretch pants.... Oh so yummy....
A little different pattern...

So we will have chemises out of solids and floral chiffons for over blouses ---View C over E.....with the solids for jackets and the infinity scarves out of different fabrics and solids and prints....  The larger scarves out of the same chiffon will look like a large cowl neck but will not be attached... just an infinity scarf.

Spider web jacket... Lace jacket and a blue scarf....

Already made Coral jacket and infinity scarf of white and coral with a spot of glitter.

Shades of royal blue in prints for scarves that go with Royal blue jackets and pants.

Orange silk infinity scarf... floral infinity scarf and a blouse over a chemise... and a spotted scarf of brown and white...for a shades of brown outfit.

Simplicity 9597--- I use a yard and quarter for pants and have a strip left for jewelry-earrings necklace, bangle and or scarf.

These pants are just made length to the ankles and turned up twice about  3/8 inch and then topstitched.... The legs when cut out are just straightened tubes to be more appropriate for a professional work look.---- Hence name tubins...
Take 20 minutes to sew with an elastic waist...oh so comfortable.  The top in this pattern is very unflattering for me.. I never like drooping shoulders and prefer regular inset sleeves because my normal shoulders slope.

Comfy flowing over jacket made to a tunic length but draping front flowing:  I usually use 2 yards and half for a jacket of this type in the pants length the front is wide, but you will have a strip left from the back layout for a scarf.... earrings etc.

Jacket B made about 6 inches shorter I am 5'2" and that length is great with my tubins....I have made the longer length that is great with my long boatneck dresses...  I have used every piece in this pattern-you don't have to have stretch material and they are feminine looking.  I always have to adjust the necklines higher in patterns because they show cleavage on me, just follow the curve and make them higher, but big enough to get your neck through and they work on any dress or over the head top.

This whole outfit in this pattern is great out of a gauze cotton... so graceful for summer at the beach.

Coppers, browns, oranges... tie scarves slanted ends and a small silk infinity scarf with a large 2 yard wide infinity scarf..... a warm neck in cold weather but lightweight fabrics.

I have a day off... so.... Red onsie... Done with that... Kimono for somone else and an outfit for me...  Lots of scarves off the back of the chair... I tend to drape 3/8 and quarter yard pieces of things I can't walk away from...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Onesie-Jumpsuit for winter...

Polar Fleece in this article by Kitty came from G Street Fabrics<--click Link

So, for the chick who I never know what to give, I started out making clothes, but then found a need for warmth, so I made a polar fleece bag blanket, with a D ring strap 

Blankie Bag in use... other side is Brown---Sew wrong sides together and then right sides together so you have  French seams inside... Fold down the top 2-3 inches to give nice soft blanket edge at top.... Make a strap out of the same fabric strip and sew one end on 2 D Rings and fold the other end to a point.
Wrap and Strap.

Pardon the wrinkles, but remember I only have a small space, so I don't have a place for an ironing board to be up all the time.  I am blogging in the middle of the night as I sew things.  This pic shows you the detail on the pockets and the cuffs sewn on the sleeves.

Here, you can see you attach the hood and then you do a top stitch around the seam below the hood attachment.  I did this after I had sewn the regular seam and did an overcast and trimmed-then I did the topstitching.  It makes the hood lay nice.  The zipper is an invisible zipper and I figure that little sway will be gone once she has her body in it...

All done, I figure she is going to sleep in it anyway, but I probably will do a little ironing on the sleeves where I see some wrinkles... 

OOOPS!  What is wrong with this picture?
LOOK at the pockets.... ARGHH

I like the sweatshirt gray cuffs on the sleeves ad legs.  The red one will be the same except a larger size.

Done.... and leftover of the Red for the Large size made a scarf..
How did I fix them... I made a bigger pocket put over the first one and now the Red onsies have a double pocket ... the smaller one inside the bigger one...

And.... His and Her Onsies out of Polar fleece, hope they fit... another not so simple thing that I probably could have made a dozen outfits for myself... Something for them, an infinity scarf for me.... something for them, an infinity scarf for me... dah dah... then I will make the blouses and pants and jackets that match my scarves.... LATER

1.  Cut out the fleece pieces..
2.  Sew pockets put on..
3.  Sew front to back at legs..
4.  Sew front to back on sides
5.  Sew back together..
6.  Sew zipper in..
7.  Attach Hood
8.  Sew in Arms
9.  Sew on cuffs bottom and Sleeves
His are Red..... Hers are the blue Cuffs are Ribbing Light sweatshirt Gray.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Infinity Scarves

This is just using the width of the fabric, so there is still enough to do a simple tunic top
When making a small one like this it will fold twice but look more like a cowell neck on a blouse of the same color because it is not so long.

Fold your fabric in half right sides together, sew edge to make a tube, but leave an opening in the middle about 4-5 inch opening.  Your ends are open, so you pull you scarf through the end of the tube to match the ends right side to right side and sew tube opening but twist once, matching the right side to right side on ends of tube sew end closed with the machine... then pull your fabric back through the hole and you have your infinity scarf done except for sewing the opening closed with a slight slipstitch by hand.

Simple Minky quilt-changing pad/blankie

All Fabrics and bindings come from G Street Fabrics

The Store Link <---

Simple quilt.. 2 this case/one side is a printed polar fleece-the kitties and the other side is pink minky.  The binding on this one is pink satin blanket binding, comes wide and one package did this quilt.

Lay the three layers on top of each other... Minky and flat batting and polar fleece.  Line them up and pin them.  Start your quilting of the sandwich with a line of stitching from corner to corner diagonally.  This will make your quilting even because all excess will squeeze out as you sew each line of quilting.  I did the lines on this one every 3 inches.

After you run your lines of quilting over the whole piece, trim your edges evenly and then pin your blanket binding over the edge evenly so the two edges front and back line up and do a blanket stitch over the edge so it is nice a flat with no raw edge of the binding exposed.

The binding is a foldover blanket binding so it is easier to work with.

When you get to a corner you stitch right up to the edge of the blanket and then fold the corner to miter it and stitch the angle first and then down the edge of the blanket so you have a nice finished corner look.

The fabrics are pre-washed before you start so all will wash well after you make it.. You can mix fabrics as long as they are pre washed so if anything is going to shrink or change in texture it will do it before you complete your project.  

This one is fleece and minky, but you could use cotton and minky or cotton and polar fleece as long as all is pre washed.

Yes, she likes this one with the kitties!

Although this matches her brothers room, she decided to take this to bed with her at night!!

This one just the minky is pulled around by making the minky backing bigger than the front.

And this blue one made for her brother, well, you see what happened to it!!!

Or in this case both sides minky with just some cotton gauze binding made by cutting strips of the cotton gauze with blue stars on it and folding it over the edges.

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