Thursday, February 29, 2024

Wedding Veils


This is simple enough to do just by looking at the pictures.

Veiling comes in 54, 72, and 108 inches.  Decide how 
full you want it and then get the width that makes the fullness, and buy the length....  You can practically just gaither and put on a barrette to fasten at the back of your head and done....
Or get a quarter yard of fancy white evening wear that embroidered and hand sew a couple of patches of beautiful embroidery at the bottom edge and at the crown and you ARE special!

Friday, November 25, 2022

Other Blogs to get Inspired

A progression of easy patterns to sew, from pants to coats and here are two of the coats presently being made 11-2023

The fur from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' The cuffs and suede sleeve patches from the trim wall, the lining is the Sunback coat lining, the pocket exterior and the lapels are microfiber suede from the fabric room.

These are just the supplies laid out to make the same pattern with similar embellishments, from remnants and supplies sold at GSTREETFABRICS

The outside body from the 'Treasure Hunt Room', the cuffs and leather toggles and suede patches are sold on the accessories/trim room wall, the silkfaced brocade lining came from the remnant rack.

Intermediate sewing and ideas to sew along with me.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Easy Coats Made Reversible


Make 2 and sew them together-leave an opening at the bottom and flip.

Made two sewn together and flipped, got 1/4 yard of faux fur and sewn over the edge of the coat all the way around and around sleeve ends.  Ripped the 1/4 into 2 pieces of 1/8 width-left over fur.

This was sherpa backed faux suede so you only need to sew one and the flip the edges back and top stitch, open the seams and topstitch.

This was just front and back pieces folded over edge sewn on front, then topstitched and all fur pieces were just attached by snaps so, you could remove them if wanted.
Hooded Rain Slicker Cape

Reverses to Cream Sherpa this coat is hooded

Thursday, May 19, 2022

New Baby


There will be a break in Posts while Grammie gets some love in.😍

Grammie made the hat.

Cotton Knit Ribbing  and Cotton Leaf from quilting cotton fabric using Heatnbond lite and satin stitching...

                                                                           The Store

Thursday, April 7, 2022

What is Your Bag?

as you get more advanced and want to do clothes in abundance

Coats etc.... you can try

Whatever your bag is, I probably have a blog about it.

From Long Johns to Baby Gifts to Coats

Saturday, March 26, 2022

SewingwithKitty -new blog links for how to sew

 Everyone keeps asking me for details.. We now have classes starting in beginner on Line

Go down to the square that says learn to sew at

This was a simple sweatshirt jacket and a simple cotton shirtwaist.

I do work at G Street Fabrics.   I do make everything I wear and all my gifts.  People ask if I do classes..No I am not technically a teacher and have never taken classes myself... But if I can do it you can.  SEW, take the classes at G Street on line and you will learn many detailed how to do it right things...

I also am blogging 2 new blogs to show you step by step sewing.

Showing you details of the things I wear and carry and live with. 

Sewing a Tote Bag 

The first of this semi-teaching series of only simple things is

A Tote Bag - using Gstreets vinyl and Upholstery Flat Folds at only 7.97 a yard.  You can make 2.

The next on this beginner blog is pillows with invisible zipper but will explain the other types of toss pillows Pillows

The second blog of this series are a little more difficult - more intermediate.  

SewmorewithKitty  and it will have sewing in multiples and making reversible things... different things that you might think difficult, but will see with me that they are all pretty simple, but takes time.

These will be more clothing.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Still needing some facemasks?... I do!

 Original facemask pattern pdf

I am tired of them, but I wear them everyday when I am not at home and I DONOT take them off in public to blow my nose ewwww germs... cough....ewwww germs... PEOPLE remember what the facemasks are for... anyway.

I find that  if I put both elastic at the ears and a nose insert, plus a neck hanger, I can wear the mask comfortably without taking it off all day.. The neck hanger, tightener will keep the mask on my face correctly if for some reason the elastics are bothering my ears.  I have both kinds of elastics.. the tiny lightweight cord with adjusters and some with the 3 inch loop.  Next to the ear elastic casings, I have a second casing for the neck hanger.   If you want one I do sell them on etsy so you can copy my style...  The filter pocket is double 200ct muslin.  Soft against the face but makes the mask 3 layers without adding a filter.