Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Cowell Turtleneck Comfy with side pockets accross the front-Matching Scarf and earrings -6 pieces


I do use patterns... I take them apart and mix and match pieces to create exactly what I want.  In this case I used the body of one, the cowell neck of another - expanded on the pocket idea from another sweater and decided to make the pocket band run accross the sweater on the inside front.  I made a scarf and matching earrings.  I picked this fabric to do, because of the holidays coming up and I have the silver glitter pants already made previously so this will go with them, perfectly. 

1.  Front piece cut on fold.

2.  Back piece cut on fold.

3.  Center of these is wide enough to cut a long scarf

4.  Large cowel neck piece to foldover and sew onto neckline

sew the piece together which will be the center back and then foldover when you sew to neckline with an over cast stitch on the inside.   Will make a large floppy cowell.

5.  2 sleeves.. one piece laid out on top of fabric folded over

6.  Large piece the width of the front to fold over and sew into side seams and hem when you sew the front.

On this all of the stripes will be horizontal including the sleeves.

To add something different you can always do stripes vertical on the neck piece, scarf and pocket piece and put the pocket piece on the outside of the sweater instead of inside.

The wall in my little workshop area

Just happened to have some silver glitter tubins I had made that matched the stripe in this fabric... So (SEW) here is the cowell neck shirt.

I made a scarf and earrings before I did the top...so here it is with the scarf and a couple of others that just happened to have the silver and black glitter.   I have many scarves.

Here it is with the jacket, that I just happened to have.  I have many jackets.

I added a light yellow crepe material scarf to brighten the color.

This will be a nice comfortable, but glittery outfit to look holiday special.


4 different sweater fabrics are on the table, but this one is the first one to use.   Then I made the glitter stripe one.  I still have a forest green ribbed knit and a black tweed type cashmere feel knit to use ... the earrings are made..but I have to do some organizing and quilting...

Remember cut in multiples and you will have your sets already to just whip up when you have a little time.  The sweater band pockets are an experiment.  The others may end up with just side pockets or no pockets depending on how this works out.   Be back to show you the finished product.... Sew Sew Sew....

half? of the Ispy quilt is done

Make a lap quilt size the kids can play in the car.
When you decide what your color plan might be...
1.  make all your little center flaps first and put the numbers on.... sew two of same color square together in a tiny seam and flip press and turn in top to be ready to top stitch onto the blocks they belong on.. if stitching numbers apply first then sew small block pieces together  if stitching the Letters on the inside piece than just lay them out so you know which letters on going to be on the inside and sew the flap squares together after you have made your big ISpy blocks.

2.  then lay out all your ISpy center pieces in the center of the big blocks...this one is 10 inch blocks... 

3.  then cut all your left over scraps or tear them into the strips and sew all your strips around the Ispy centers on the blocks... 

4.  Lay your blocks out in the order you want your I spys.. 

5.  I did pairs so they could make different kinds of games out of it and placed them randomly ... put your center flaps on top 

6.  place your letters on the under side of the flaps because you now know what ISpy in under them.   

7.  and sew the flaps 

8.  then the border pieces in between block in a row... 

9.  and then sew the border piece between the horizontal rows...

10.  Now the frame in piece and decide if it is wide enough for where they are going to use it... bed...floor.. car..

Concentration anyone?  I spy?

Saturday, November 13, 2021

I SPY my list and my quilt.... EWW my mini me is watching me

 All Fabrics and accessories(the trim that is mini me's matching necklace) come from -my favorite store where you will find me 4 days a week---www.gstreetfabrics.com

The vest is made from African print fabric with microfiber suede as the patches and what I am applying big on face pockets, plus the pants will be part of this TOTAL SET...The vest is lined with quilted minkie snuggle and there will be a matching clutch crazy quilted.  2 sets of earrings... 1 pr suede and 1 pr minkie.

I am going to apply myself to the I Spy quilt blocks, and then free motion quilt the whole thing

1.  Do lots of block pairs to fill the quilt...

2.  Decide placement on the quilt

3.  Decide the color borders between the blocks framing them in

4.  Heatnbond Ultrahold the fabric for the Alphabet Letters and Numbers and run them through my accuqult cutter.  If you use Heatnbond lite you will have to satin stitch around the letters with the sewing machine.  I just ironed mine.

5.  Decide the quilt color pattern for the Ispy cover blocks and apply the alphabet on one side and the number it will be on the quilt on the other side.

** for me.. I don't have a table in my little living space, so I use my bed.  I recently got one of the fold up cardboard tops and it makes things so much easier...   www.Gstreetfabrics.com

6.  Sew all the flaps into squares and flip to be ready to apply to blocks

7.  sew the borders for framing in on the rows of quilt blocks and then sew them together... freemotion any borders the way you want after the top is sewn together.

8.  Finish free motion quilting the backing and then sew the top to the back by stitch in the ditch and machine tie spots.

free motion quilting the back to batting a section at a time....

I am at this stage when I made the list... hopefully at the end of the day I will be finished and then have cut out multiples of pants, tops and bulkie sweaters for the chilly workplace.  At least one finished outfit for tomorrow ....including the one on mini me...LOL

If I get a portion of this done I will be happy.  Always make my lists more than humanly possible so I can check something off....

The scrap bag is out so I can make some masks from scraps, so if I don't finish a new outfit I can wear an old outfit with a matching mask.

And...... I am going to organize my room...HAHAH

Diva outfit to do .... White lined with Red for Dress coat when cold at work..quilted together.. all has been pre washed ready to cut and sew.... Lips will be mask and pair of earrings... earrings out of all three fabrics for different looks - dress and coatdress will be body curves.

Four bulky cowel neck drape sweaters to be cut out at one time... and quick sews for chilly warehouse

This jacket reversible Copper pleather with black sherpa suede... and a pair of high boots and or bootsocks and scarf in suede sherpa -soft from 2.97 room.

Inspiration to finish the ISPY to do these... my birthday Jacket...LOL.. last year it was the fabulous fur...-more casual this year... haha

OOOPs   Gotta go Grammie sit... delay in completing this list... 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Christmas Gifts Handmade Ideas

Pin Cushions-add elastic for wrist cushion-add magnet or double sided tape or velcro to attach to sewing machine area


Love Bug Pillows for Children with Love Note
Table Runner
Appliqued Hand Towels
I SPY Quilt or Quillow
Cloth I Spy Book
Baby Shower Basket
     Lined and put Head and arms of Stuffed Teddy or      Bunny-fill with handmade Scrapbook-Bunting-
    Receiving Blankets and Bibs Burpers and sets for
    Diaper bag changing situations and a cloth book 
    and cloth texture Ball.


Monday, November 1, 2021

Tiny Sewing


Just sewing that little patch to this ones hat was sooo worth it...LOL

Cheesecloth is sooo worth it...LOL... a little hemming

Whats not to love about Ghosties and Rainbow Unicorns and Pirates OH My!!

Friday, October 22, 2021

UFOs Unfinished Objects

 OR you could say UFO

UnIdentified Fabric Obsessions:


I needed some space... Terrible to say but my bins of fabric stash-bottom one cracked and they fell over---- well I do work in a fabric store...

I had a large... very large Monitor on top of 3 bins.... the bottom bin -which was cheap.. lid cracked and I awoke in the night to the monitor falling onto my ankles at the end of the bed...

Everything happens for a reason-  I have an accuquilt cutter sooo I had some very large dies in front of the TV so they hit my ankles first and kept the angle of the monitor from breaking my ankles...YEH!  

This is a wall of bins beside my bed... and the ones in front of the end of my bed had the monitor on them..

This led me to pull out a UFO and finish it....something I knew I would love but it just took longer than my usual sewing so I put it away.

This was an african print fabric that there was a small piece of years ago... and the store manager said ..you like it ... you can have it... make something... so I started piecing it... first I took the whole piece and backed it with batting and started free motion quilting... then I laid it out on a vest I liked.... and of course, I ran out so that is the suede patches you see... but the good news is...the nice suede was also in the bin and there is a little over a yard of the suede so... I can make pants to match..

 --pants will take 20 minutes... but I have to line the UFO first with some minky...  All were things... just UFOing..   

  I plan on finishing this outfit before I go back to ISPY quilting... and the clutch and purse that is patches of leftovers from the coat.

I deserve a new outfit to wear on Sunday to work... and it will be warm because... it is starting to get chilly and the warehouse gets chilly as it gets cold..

The other day... I was cold so I had to buy a Yard and half of Polar fleece... and make a Ruana wrap

Another pinned together but not sewn UFO in bin...I just had to sew it ... This was a two piece suede fringe vest that I was experimenting with..

There was no side seams just a top... cut fringe and a bottom sew together and you have a simple vest- Guess I have to seam it... was crammed in the bin pinned together... LOL

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Minky-Minkie- Make it with Minky


Our store has minky (minkie) in colors textures and prints

You can make a patchwork blankie

You can make a plain blankie

You can make a Stork Bag Shower gift wrap that changes into a blanket after baby is born... full of hand made baby presents.

Reward-seeing baby in the blankie after birth...

Simple quilted blankie

Baby Bunting with pocket at bottom to put your extra diapers and baby trip necessities. Top satin bow velcros shut... double bow on front.

Minky wrap sack--minky quilted than made into shape for wrap.

Tummy Time Play Mat ... MMM he loves Lambie Pie

Playtime Texture Ball

Minkie - Baby Books - soft and learning

Washable Story Books-Tied through Large Eyelets for Washable

Washable soft bib Appliques

Quillow-Quilt that folds into a Pillow

Billow-Blanket that folds into a Pillow

and on and on and on