Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sewing Simple Jams

Bringing in Spring with Some Jams

Okay, spring is here finally.
It is a little Chilly.  Officially it is here with these Jams.
Fabric is from  G Street Fabrics   The cotton Novelty Wall-Great for theme Items

Simple Pattern for Shirt and Shorts... Here we made the shorts.

These are the simple Long Jams Front...Side Seam Pockets

Back Has 2 Back Pockets with Flaps and Velcro Tabs under Flaps

Back Pocket is camouflaged with this print

Pattern calls for one pocket... I did two for good measure...

I didn't try to match flaps or pockets, but they still camouflaged well.

This was an easy shorts pattern, so next we will do a shirt with it and see if that is one I feel is easy too.