Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Baby Baby Baby


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Rib knit and Leaf Fabric came from

Every baby needs a baby leaf Hat

The hat is ribbed knit from the cotton knit table... folded in half and turned up  then the top open part is tied to make a top knot and hand stitched shut

To make an applique from your fabric cut a piece that is bigger than your part you want to make an applique... like a leaf, in this case.  

A.  Put a piece of stitch and tear under the leaf and with right side up satin stitch or close zigzag around the leaf you want to make an applique of through the stitch and tear... Tear away the stitch and tear after stitching the edge.  Use some ultrahold Heatnbond and iron on the back cut around and then pull the paper off to make it an iron on applique.   

B.  or you can just hand stitch the applique without puttin any Heatnbond on the back of the applique .... 

C.  or you can use the lite Heatnbond, apply it to the back of the stitch and tear and zizzag or satin stitch through both Heatnbond lite and Stitch and tear onto your garment.... you may sew through heatnbond lite, but not Ultra heatnbond. ..

 Basically you are making an iron on applique with the Ultra... with the lite heatnbond, you are using it to hold the applique in place on the fabric you are wanting to decorate.   The stitch n Tear just adds stableness to your fabric that you are embroidering with satin or zigzag around the edge so it doesn't pucker.

Grammie Leaf Hat in USE

Every Mama needs a Mama Leaf Caftan

Leaf Fabric from

Top the neckline is adjusted to lap over and snap for practical mama use

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Faux Leather Sissy Bar Bag

 Well Faux Leather can Be Awesome...Make Your Something Custom for YOU

All the supplies came from

Regular Sewing Machine with Leather Sewing Needles by Schmetz... number 18 for many layers

To Fit on the back sissy bar of a Harley Motorcycle

Webbing Straps with D Rings

Detachable sling bag strap with neoprene padded shoulder and swivel hooks to attach to side D rings

zippers (3)  2 way on front pocket

large one way on side of bag and medium on inner neoprene suede back lining.

Front pocket 2 way zip for sunglasses/gloves/small

 items--sewn in netting pocket with toggle draw to separate sunglasses and gloves.

At this point the bag itself is 2 layers of faux leather, then inside there is a neoprene lining of entire bag and you are looking at the hand stitching of the arrow tabs and D hooks for the swivel hooks to attach to for the detachable side sling strap.

I had no pattern, just a piece of cardboard outline of the sissy bar that this would be attached to.

I used Coats and Clark Outdoor Exterior thread for all the handwork-UV protected and good for Sails and outdoor canvas work.  I had an awl, and a palm thimble that I used for my experimental shoework.

The palm thimble I have had a while, the awl I got at G Street.  The hand leather needles I got from a universal repair pack of hand needles at G Street Fabrics.

The back straps are webbing we sell all widths and fibers for tote making.  We have parachute clips in black and white 1" and 2".  The swivel hooks I purchased there for the strap.  We have leather, but the fellow purchased faux leather and I doubled it for added stability so I would not have to put any kind of interfacing structure for it to stand up.  I doubled all pieces wrong side together and then sewed the bag pieces together.  Then inside the bag the seams are exposed but I lined it with the neoprene with the suedeback out so when reaching in the bag you are feeling and seeing only suede.

The lining zips shut separate from the outer bag zipper.  I just thought that looked cooler than just a lining.

This is looking in the bag when you first unzip the outer zipper.

I  made two drawstring bags for the inside of the sissybar bag.  

One drawstring netting bag for wetdry clothes, and miscellaneous-(similar to the sewn in netting lining of the front zipper pocket) and one suede drawstring bag for the detachable slingbag style strap with swivel hooks.   All bags having a 2 hole cord lock on their drawstring.  The edging around this whole bag was a foldover trim of the same faux leather handstitched on the entire bag and the arrow heads at the strap hook catches.

I am not saying anything is inexpensive in total....but the cool faux leather we have is only 15.00 a yard... that is a piece 54 by 36 inches for 15.00----------  All the D rings-cordlocks-cording-netting-lining-zippers-swivel hooks-strapping- added to $78.00 for this bag... would have been more with parachute buckles, but exactly custom to fit the sissybar.  You can make your item to meet your special needs and customize whatever way you want... ONE OF A KIND

We have all kinds of faux leather for incredibly awesome things if you want to give it a try.

My first experience with faux leather lined with soft vinyl was my really fun Tote Fabric Bag...

This combines quilting on pocket..tote handles of folded faux leather and a soft faux leather shoulder strap inside attached to D-rings for when it is filled to the top and you need added shoulder support after shopping spree - LOL

You can also combine Faux Leather and Fabric with a Clear Plastic cover as in my fun Laundry Bag... it stands by itself, is lightweight and is great at the laundromat....

and also works for vinyl lined and clear plastic covered fun Beach Bags(just wipe and dump out that sand after the beach)

Combined skins from our skinbin with vinyls fabric and clear plastic...

OR Kayaking Bags

take your lunch and wet dry clothes for your paddling trips

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Baby Shower Gifts

 Seww.... New Grandchild coming...

Making the gifts before HE gets here...

Before I found out he was a boy... I started with Butterfly theme... and then Lambies...

Lots of Minky colors @

This is a minky(sew washable) changing pad...both sides are minky and quilted through on the diagonal.  The yellow minky is from G street... the butterflies are from my gardens.


This is a cuddle snuggy minky Lambie Pie baby mat.  Not Easy, but sewwwwwwwwwwwwww    soft!

Many Bibs and burpers....

Minky and Fabric on Bibs from

unfortunately, forgot to take pictures.... of the Bee themed collection changing pad with the beehive in the middle padded and pockets to put things in... It folded and velcroed shut.

The fabric matched these bibs and Burpers that were backed with terrycloth for extra burpability.

These bibs shut with velcro tabs.  Buttons are just to be cutsy.  The frogs are from the leftover minky and I used ultra hold heatnbond to  apply them to the bibs.

Continuing the Lambie Theme with the pretty green lamb cotton we have in the quilting section $8.77 sale  table at G street fabrics- I backed this fabric with terry and one layer of flat batting and quilted just the lambs...

Some of the burpers in this set were backed with terry, some with the pale green minky we carry.  I made a bunting out of the pale green minky...

Terrycloth for Burper Bib and Changing pads Backs in many colors at

I stopped to put some of these things on here, before I forget.

I am currently doing a mask order for someone, and have 3 toboggans here that need the theme put on them... I usually either cross-stitch something on the center of the hat, or apply an applique..

I have 2 onesies that are in process and one of them is going to have butterfly wings on the back of it...  I will take picture when I have finished it and this order I am supposed to be doing...

I have to go to work AM, so I need to stop fooling around here... but just wanted to show you guys that I am still sewing away everyday.