Saturday, December 21, 2019

OMG Will I Get these all Done?

The Christmas Bash Stash In Progress

Quillows, Quilts and Pants, Jackets...Stockings OH MY!zzzzzz

ARGHHHH.... Have to go to work!

OOOPS...quick  make something for 96 yr old Grandma

Monday, December 16, 2019

Fun Quilting On the side...NOW--- Working on CATS CATS AND MORE CATS!


A lot of this one came from G Street, but I still have to put the cats in the classic Antique convertibles and have them drive accross the quilt...and a couple of them may want to play golf...who knows... Planning Stage.. updated as it goes...

Cats are crazy but not as sports minded as the pugs were!

You could do a beautiful quilt like this of cats or....  


ALL Background Fabric Came From G Street Fabrics.. Only the PUGS were outsourced....  SHOP <----Click  or come to Rockville and See US ALL

This Pillow Present is Done To go with the Quillow that was already made!

Cats Need to Golf too!.... Sew... Watch Movies and eat Popcorn... Float through Outer Space and Scare Each Other... Besides Reading Books...... Be Ready for a Christmas Laugh

Holidays are Getting Close

Speed Sewing....

ALL fabrics came from G Street Fabrics <---- Check out Shop on Site

Here is What My Gift Receivers are Getting Their Gifts in

Why waste Wrapping Paper... and Their Names will be on them
Ultrahold cut Letters and one symbolic Applique

He Loves to say OWOOOL HOOT HOOT.... so his will have an Owl Applique

Hat Fabric Came From
G Street Fabrics Polar Fleece and Bumpy Minky <---SHOP

On the table is Red Lace to make an Over Blouse for over an existing Green Chemise and a Green Flowing Jacket as I love to whip up quickly. To be Done after the stockings and One Burnout Silk or Devore' Silk Jacket for one of the girls... each of 4 of them will get one and suede Sherpa Vests- already cut out...  Don't Tell

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Add a Drapeneck Blouse

Still Got some material?  I do
added drapeneck blouse to Pilazzo Pants  or Tubins and a couple of scarves from leftovers... and dodads to earrings.

Quick... Chop Chop... Front Back Facing Sleeves... sew sleeves..and hem... iron interfacing to back facing... sew onto back front to back and hem in sleeves...done.... extra fabric still?  sew a couple of scarves..
Put in your matching earrings that match your pants...throw on your blouse... pull on your pants.. grab a freeflowing jacket and throw the scarves over your neck and go to work... Oh yeah...get to work and grab some glitzzy sequined appliques... sew them together and take your leftover button shanks bend with needlenose pliers and slide onto earring backs to look like a dancing queen...LOL... well not quite..maybe if you added a tiara

20 minute pants... Tubins- use a leggin pattern and widen the legs to be a little more grown up... and add a scarf to your drape neck shirt... and how about a flowy jacket.... You GO GIRLS!!

Jacket-shortened 6 inches for my pants outfits-No interfacings and only front - back and sleeves... DONE

One piece pattern- elastic waist, just widen the legs for the more professional look and to fit over your boot tops in the winter but still pencil legs....quick and easy..

Scarves if any style out of your leftovers add custom look!

Make matching earrings by covering buttons and gluing an earring back on and voila -you are so custom! 

Back and White Fashion Line

Start with the silvery white and black sweater dress, with removable cowl collar

Add Your Sweater Coat so you won't be chilled

Add That black and white sweater / sherpa coat

Use either side-BECAUSE it is Reversible

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fabulous Faux Fur

I will admit These did not come from the "Treasure Hunt" Room,

Remember we have the HOLIDAY SALE until New Years...
And when there is a coupon..Thursday through Mondays... if there is a coupon, it is 25% off and then the coupon.. 20 or 30%

I hate to be cold.... SOOOO I deserved this

Adding Tubs of Fur as Muff  Pockets on the front and So delectible and Reversible too or just a long fur scarf with pockets on the ends to slide your hands into more fur!

These muff pockets will be Black double sided Minkie

Pretty Sure I am Not Going to be Cold This Year...LOL

Adding Fur Pockets at the Side Seams Right NOW on both sides ... Soooo soft and Fabulous!!!  I used this pattern below and after making the tweed/sherpa coat added the fur sewn on one edge and flipped and hand sewn.

Three Quarters of a yard of fur did this border around the bottom and edging around the coat and sleeves

If you want a separate muffler scarf or big pockets you need an additional quarter yard.... sooo One full yard of fur.

The jacket itself takes 1 and 1/2 to 2 and 1/2 depending on your size and with 60 inch fabric.  There was only a small piece left so I had to improvise to get the coat I wanted.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Make It A Merry Christmas with G Street Fabrics<-- Click to Buy Fabrics

This Elf is Wearing a Cap and Scarf of Red Bumpy Minkie AND White Soft Polar Fleece Trim

Happy to Help Make All the Christmas Cheer from G Street Fabrics

Might Have to Call Grammie to Do the Sewing!!