Friday, November 25, 2022

Other Blogs to get Inspired

A progression of easy patterns to sew, from pants to coats and here are two of the coats presently being made 11-2023

The fur from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' The cuffs and suede sleeve patches from the trim wall, the lining is the Sunback coat lining, the pocket exterior and the lapels are microfiber suede from the fabric room.

These are just the supplies laid out to make the same pattern with similar embellishments, from remnants and supplies sold at GSTREETFABRICS

The outside body from the 'Treasure Hunt Room', the cuffs and leather toggles and suede patches are sold on the accessories/trim room wall, the silkfaced brocade lining came from the remnant rack.

Intermediate sewing and ideas to sew along with me.