Sunday, August 19, 2018

Embroidery Experimenting

Quick before work sewing adventure

Well, a little already embroidered fabric, backed with some lilac silk, underlying scarf was a little darker lavendar color to enhance the embroidery and scalloped and leaf embroidered around the edge and trimmed.
The blouse is from the 'Treasure Hunt Room'... Already smocked and textured damask type embellishment
Blouse made without a pattern-folded over to shirt length-boatneck hole cut in fold...sides sewn up to arm hole width and sleeves attached with a horizontal cuff that was also scalloped embroidery.
The neckline was foldover self bias strip and slightly gathered to give a tiny standup edge.  Long side strip made a neck scarf to tie in a sailors scarf knot.
Burgundy Tubins' enhanced the colors in the embroidery.

This scarf is backed with the silky shirt fabric- the yellow one is backed by embroidery scalloping the edges and trimming..

Miranda is wearing a blue silky shirt with an embroidered scarf... earrings will be the same and I believe slightly embellishing the boatish shape neckline with some jewels under the self bias... possibly some illusion sleeves or lace if I can find some here that is in blues..

Shirt Directions:.... both Yellow smocked material and blue silky material same- no pattern
Yellow copied sleeves on extra fabric.... Blue will find something else for fancy sleeves

Bottom hem is just turned up narrow twice and the same with the slits on the side.

The strip from the bottom of front and back can do the neckline or the sleeveholes in this case only the neckline.  If you have extra fabric cut bias strip.

  Back to baby tie receiving blankets that I haven't quite figured out ..... pictures to follow