Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wrap Some Fabric

Sooo one of the customers was trying to do something they saw on the internet...  I could not like the way they had it so I added my own slant.

3 yards of Fabric... cut one strip off the width about 4 inches..
cover 4 or 5 buttons... I did 4 and made a brooche.  This folds around twice... No lining needed as dress but also makes a good coverup to go out after the beach.

2 buttons are your earrings and 2 are going to be used on each strap area top of dress

Earrings of same fabric and see closeup below, where buttons go through all layers of fabric at strap bases so the wrap stays wrapped correctly.  Pin brooch back with motled blue art paper glued in base and clear cabochon on top to enhance the matching blue.  Pin pulls the front edge to the side in a pleated effect.

after buttoning on the left to give pazazz I pulled up to pleat a little to the side and stitched with an embroidery stitch... made a brooch with a cabochon and some like colored onionskin art paper and put the decorative pin there.  Buttons are not necessary but keeps you from feeling too just wrapped and is simple still.

Felt like I was beaching it!

Turquoise lace cardigan is the free flowing cardigan pattern.  Butterick 5045   (6 inches shorter than pattern pieces)