Friday, January 24, 2020

Time to SEW

Time to Sew

Yes We Can!!

We Are In Charge of Our Own Lives!!

So Now, I will Reorganize and Put some pics on here of A. Finished Items.... B.  Things in Progress


Sunday, January 5, 2020

Leopard and Panther Tote-Shoulder Backpack

I am attempting to make this bag... the pictures of the cat tapestries came from G Street Fabrics... and the black is neoprene... the request is a wide shoulder strap and the two cats one on each side, but I am not sure about the strap attachment, the closure...drawstring with zipper or velcro flap and some type of pockets behind the cats....They emailed me a picture of a bag style and I did this in paint to see how it would look

These are drawings in paint as I try to figure out exactly what materials to use where.

Made side strips with pocket added to panels then put both panels together

Neoprene shortage... will line with something else, but using as a wide strapping and top casing shorts me on the bottom trim.... will figure this out

Sew the bottom trim casing and bottom edge

I will sew the last seam and know the size of the bottom circle piece then lining and strap attachment

This is like a duffle bag... so I am going to put the double bungie pull strings through the top trim and a zipper that has large teeth and the ability to use a strap on the side or on the top  or regular backpack style.  ----> little drawing

Thinking through the strapping... I think I will put Loops on both sides top and bottom and on the inside top above zipper on both sides... Then He can wear as backpack regular or diagonal or carry handle.  Loops Sewn in Seams with 3 strappings that are adjustable

Now the Drawstrings at top-using bungie type narrow elastic and cord locks.

I will post a picture with details after I finish it.

At this point the top enclosure has been sewn in with a zipper closing.   So next the lining.

Originally I made the lining out of vinyl, but checked with the future user and we decided that was too heavy.  So, using the lining previously made as a pattern, made it out of a light pleather, but decided to add a zippered pocket to the inside and a loop to hang a detachable bag in the inside for ??

Strapping in pleather doubled for strength but softness can be inserted 3 ways... as backpack, as a barrel duffle bag style supporting underneath or as an over the shoulder vertical bag

original lining in vinyl to copy for pleather lining

Original neoprene top changed into inside detachable zipper bag

Two Loops inside the Tote to hang this bag from and Extra straps not in use inside the bag...  DONE  DONE DONE and GONE.... Back to sewing the crazy cat quilt and gifts and clothes.....

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Sunrise Quillow

This is my personal fabric design printed on minky-diagonally Quilted as a blanket and the Pillow pocket is lined with double sided minky....toasty feet in this quillow- Simple but the quilting took a while...  The tote is the same design fabric on canvas covered in clear vinyl and lined with a vinyl that has a pewter look.

Tote with toss and Lumbar-Quillow folded into pillow

The Vinyl lining and the clear plastic for the tote comes from and also the batting for the quillow

The fabric for this creation comes from my personal fabric shop on Spoonflower  where my designs are from my photos when kayaking-on vacation-or my personal gardens or my crazy little drawings-  This same fabric in Duvet covers, sheets, curtains, tablecloths etc.

If you don't want to sew these items yourself with my fabric you can order them from Roostery items made with Sunrise over Assateague Fabric---My fabric items on Roostery  --->Pre made items on Roostery with my fabric Designs  13 pages of items