Monday, October 28, 2019

Lacy Cardigans

I Love Lacy Flowing Cardigans
Here are my favorites

Bright Red with Gold Chiffon

Beach outfits in every color
Tank, Capri, Flowy Jacket, and matching bathing suit

Don't forget the matching Earrings

Plastic Canvas Sheet and Bent paper clips help organize outfits matching jewelry

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sweater Coat

Sweater Coat Now on the Table


I made this coat previously.This style has no facings and just turned up cuffs..adding Fancy Fur around the edge in future!
I added some length (6 inches) to make a sweater coat for work when it is chilly and that is what I am making right now.

Pockets will be added in the side seam using another pattern.  I personally do not like pockets applied to the front.  I like to put my hands inside the side seams.  With a bulky sweater knit, I only have to cut out 2 sleeves and 2 front pieces, a back piece on the fold and 4 pocket pieces.... sew a couple of side seams and inset the sleeves ...I will try it on and then top stitch the lapels back and the cuffs up...DONE

Fabulous Fabric found in 'Treasure Hunt Room' at G Street Fabrics

Finished all seams with French Seams and put the pockets in the side seams at the end of the sleeve length...perfect for me

Covered Button Earrings

Adding 6 inches to the car coat length came just above my ankles to wear when chilly in the warehouse at work

Took Longer than I thought it would because I finished all seams so I could reverse the coat if I wanted to.  Bottom edge and one side of the front were all a strip of the white added on to the edge so it looked as if hand knitted.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Whats sewing

Palazzo Pants and Sheer Jacket with Tie scarf

      The fabric for this jacket has light accordion pleating and a silver metallic dot.  The pattern pieces were laid out so the selvage edge was the bottom all around and the sleeve edge.  The front pieces which are cut on an angle were not sewn as they did not fray when cut.  This made this jacket a fast project.  All inside seams were finished.  The scarf was comprised of one tube scarf of the jacket and one tube scarf of the palazzo pants, which also had a dot of silver in a swirl on the fabric.  See picture below for a close up.  The blouse was a drape neck polyester jersey in black.  The palazzo pants had a tie waist and swayed as I walked.  The patterns I used are at the bottom of this article, but remember I adjust for the look I want and use the patterns for a type of look more than exact detail, i.e. 3/4 sleeves may become long, long jacket may become 3/4 length, to suit the full look.  As you can see in the top outfit picture I put a bracelet above the tie knot of the scarf to pull out the colors in the outfit-in this case black and silver.

Silver sparkles on both

This is the quick easy and what I believe flattering shirt style I use with a lot of sets.

These are the pants... with tie waist

My favorite fast and comfortable jacket... made with chiffon women follow me out of restaurants to find where I shop....