Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Tree Napkins

Christmas Tree Folded Napkins

Found these directions on Youtube and just some sets for sale
We -Gstreetfabrics

Lots of Christmas Type Fabrics still for Sale-So I made some of these and mailed them to various - I love you people-(My mom inspired the cardinal fabrics)

2x2.5 inch rectangles for the trunks.. out of whatever you want your Christmas tree trunk to look like-  I thought maybe even do a couple of presents on the trunk in embroidery....You can use verigated thread to top stitch around your trunks and or your Trees

Sew your trunks after you have preshrunk and cut your little rectangles...  Leave one end open and that is the end you are going to sew into your seam line....

Half circles from center point 8.5 inches

Be Sure to Pre shrink before cutting your
Half circles out...