Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sewing For Money

Beginning Inventory

If selling be sure to keep track of all base expenses...and then remember you are not FREE.

Decide how and what you are going to sell.  Open your excel or whatever you like to use, or even a small ledger book.  Write down all your expenses so you can subtract out the costs when you determine your price.  Add in gas and time to pick your supplies and then your time to make.  You wonder why things you buy premade costs so much?  One person is paid to order the supplies or pick them up and another is paid to make them, and then there is the third or more party selling them.  YOURS is a deal.

Easy no brainer.... etsy store of your own- will connect to quickbooks if you want.... will direct deposit

Spoonflower-design your own fabric..become a pro and get discounts and quick turn around... also will direct deposit

Have a dedicated website - buy a domain name and make your own simple website...for listing your inventory and a purchasing site such as paypal to send invoices or put a click and pay.

Look up fesitivals you can sign up for or craft shows or stores that will sell your wares.  Remember you have to start early to enter by being judged to get into the shows.