Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Sparkle Red Dress

 Looking in the Stash....  Fabrics from GSTREETFABRICS in Rockville, MD

 3/4 yard of glittery black lace and a 2.5 yard piece of glittery red
stretch knit

Feeling a little cold lets make a turtle neck glitter dress with a slit up the side and black glitter lace in the slit.

I used this pattern because the red glitter knit was very stretchy.. extended to the ankle and put a slit up one side.

I did add a scarf and just tied a knot in it for something else detail 

Mask of the same red with the black lace over it

and a slight sleeved shawl to put some black lace over the top.  

Mask was made by putting the glitter black lace over the red glitter knit and lining with the usual cotton filter pocket and adjustable elastic ear tabs. 

For work of course the mask and a long black glittery free flowing jacket

It was cold so:

I got to wear my Fabulous Fur Coat to keep warm!