Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sewing a Birthday Jacket with Skins

 Found these beautiful small Animal Skins at Gstreetfabrics..

This is my birthday outfit.... ewww big birthday needs a special outfit.

So, since I can't stand being cold, it will be warm but simple enough to wear in the store if it feels drafty as sooo many people come in at once...
One side is purple sueded and the other side is Black slick furr
so I am going to try to make it reversible as I have all my other coats and jackets... 

I am planning on adding a little bit of sherpa skin on the edge of the front and the feather fur I used on this fabulous fur jacket.  It also comes in a purple... but I think I am only going to use it in a strip on the back....

The Plan

Reversible to shiny Black