Friday, November 27, 2020

Surroundings that Inspire ME


My Special Place to curl up--- and more important to look at and say...AHHH.... MY PLACE

My Panther pillow came from

There is also a Leopard and a Lion... all equally impressive.  One was enough for my tiny space.

I also used these same squares to make a tote for someone at work--

surrounded by neoprene and faux leather with backpack handles or D-Ringed Shoulder or luggage style handles

This was the otherside of his tote

In Process  and when finished

Take something Awesome like these squares from G Street Fabrics and Make something You Just want to admire!

So this is my blanket turned over... Black Quilted Satin side up...

The other side is my special Waterview Material...(my creation both fabric and sewing) but right now I am in the Sunrise....

My sunrise Sheets.... You can buy from Spoonflower My Site

My Lakeview Set Duvet for sale

These are my fabrics I designed but printed and sets are made by Spoonflower .... my shop is Kittykittypurrs---or you can go to  if you want pre made sets....