Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sewing Crazy

I found way tooooo many things I want to make:
I will post Minerva Mannequin in the jackets and dress and jacket I just made.. White Lace, Pink and Burgundy Lace and Gold Dress with the previously made Black and Gold Jacket....

Here is  the beige drape neck dress.. just made to go with the pinks and browns of the Lace - 'The Nuances of Burgundy' 

Print - Cut three jackets at a time... and 2 dresses... The other dress is the gold one..

Then we add the jacket and scarf... and of course the covered button earrings..

And we did the White Lace one.. paired with a dress already made

 But I found a lovely little Baby Wrap Receiving Blankets Idea,

I have to make this right away... baby due next week... will post pic of tie bunting made with minky for boy.

so I have to stray.. and I am going PedalBoarding.. Oh Boy... so as I am Drifting on the internet seeing who saved my pins  ... I saw Recycle your Waterbottles into Earrings melted over a candle... I MUST TRY...  ooops not sewing... LOL  but will match outfits  ha  She has great ideas for making all kinds of things...