Wednesday, August 1, 2018

So Little Time?-Cut in Multiples

Find a pattern you like - alter to fit and cut out in multiples...

This is how I have many blouses and free flowing Jackets and pants...

3 is my favorite Number

This is three Jackets that I am cutting out right now.... Earrings are made and one pair is in my ears.

.. the black gray and white pair -There is a new dress pattern on Miranda Mannequin  I am starting to do hats, so I just ordered Harriet Hathead...Sorry, everything is a laugh to me.  I am out of the covered button size I like for my earrings... so I guess I have to buy some more.....

Now back to cutting out the rest of the jacket pieces and I am planning on wearing the blue one today... we will see.... the blogging part takes some time👿

Wore the Blue one.... One down and 3 to go!

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