Thursday, May 20, 2021

Copying Dresses That Fit

 Copying Something that Fits You

I use Create-A-Pattern Pellon type material that I buy from GStreetFabrics... 

lay dress on the create a pattern and cut out leaving a seam allowance.

I trace each piece with a 5/8 seam so I can alter if off a little.  I number the pieces as you would a bought pattern and write if the edge is on a fold and how many pieces I need and trace the Darts (important to add the Space you need for each dart or fold) I write dart or fold where needed and draw a line or dot.  Add extra for hem so you can adjust.  Take or draw a picture and put in the ziplock Gallon bag with the pattern for future use.

Original much loved dress worn through the threads of cotton.

Someone attempted to copy old dress, but did not make it the same and it was uncomfortable... changed to exact as original dress.

added buttons where missing

changed from buttonholes to loops like original

Newly copied dress back-like original

Pattern is ready for any additional dresses wanted

Then baste together.
Be sure to pre wash your fabric before cutting out and sewing so it doesnt shrink and change size after laundering.