Saturday, May 15, 2021

Making facemasks


Three layer front masks with filter pocket and hanger cord with flexible nose inserts....

My Mask alterations to this:

I double the face mask pocket sew right sides together and flip then my facemasks are 3 layers in the front-- On the sides you can see after I  make the mask I turn it in to make a casking for the elastic and then I sew a second line of stitching so there can be a cord put in for a hanger casing and also if you want the masks to be tighter on the face ... the top casing I make for the plastic nose inserts and I put two together with a floral wire inside and use magic tape to tape them together so there is a flexible nose casing that will fit the face well.

2nd improvision, when I fold over the ends of the finished mask over the circle of elastic, I make a second row of stitching for the Cord that you see me wearing.  This works for me two ways.  One it is great to pull off the mask in the car and use as a hanger, but the 2nd most important way to me is that I can tighten the mask on the top edge of my face under my eyes to seal it off.   So many people do not have their masks on properly in public places that I feel that I need this extra precaution.

My nose inserts are these... 

and they form to your face and are flexible but stay with 
I use 2 white flat plastic nose inserts and tape a piece of 22 gauge floral wire inside of them and do a very spaced wrap tucking the end back inside the 2.  This bends - stays and is removable for washing.  The insert will totally conform to your face for comfort and staying power.

The nose casing is however long the insert is and is between the filter and the front directly over the middle of the mask.

I wear masks 10 hours a workday and this makes me comfortable and feeling a little safer.  I like to have the mask hanging around my neck when I am driving so I can just pop it on wherever I go.