Thursday, June 3, 2021

Making Stuffed Toys


This is Buddy the Magical Butterfly Pony -

EYES are Shank Buttons securely sewn on through each other to make them flatter on the head

Butterfly wings were drawn by me on paint and printed on Polar Fleece

Draw the Body first... and then legs and hooves are little tubes sewn shut on one end and tucked in and hand sewn on the legs... Legs are drawn with a bend and stuffed and then sewn on at the top with an X, so they can bend back and forth for sitting and standing!

Tail is braided embellished tulle with Rainbow stars securely sewn on.

The pony body fabric with colorful ponies on it and the colorful galaxy legs plus the red bumpy minky hooves came from my favorite place-

The Rainbow star tulle was found in the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at 2.97 a yard.... a great stash find when you have grandchildren or little toddlers that like you to make things.

There are three sizes of Eye shank buttons on the Turn table stands in front of the cashier...