Saturday, May 1, 2021

Baby Minky TIme

 Right now, I have a new Grandson, sew I am commuting on my days off to help get mom and dad some nap time.  In between, I use the sewing machine I gave my daughter to whip up some nap time sewing fun to use with the baby.  When I come home, I am back to sewing clothes and other items as requested to me.      click on link to shop online for fabrics in blog.  I work and buy my fabrics from G Street Fabrics in Rockville, Maryland   "SEW FUN!"  Come Buy and See me.  I am usually there Sun Mon Tues

looking for clothes and tips on how to do them scroll down to bottom of posts and there will be a link to older posts.  I make all kinds of clothes, many simple some complicated.  You will find Patterns that may be vintage, but you can still buy them by googling the pattern vender and number, and then tips on how and why I sew them.  Simple and fast, comfortable and all about the fabric you are using to make them beautiful.  Just buy your fabrics at GStreetFabrics and you can order on line... then have your own Free Flowing Fashion when you glide into the room.  No matter what age you are-your first impression is when you enter a room.  Fabrics can be the total impression.  Just throw them over your shoulders and tack some corners and you will be beautiful.   We also sell McCalls and Vogue Patterns in our store, the current Pattern books to look through when coming into the store.... But you can shop online from anywhere!-We ship!!

Always scroll to the bottom and click older posts.  I have been blogging for years, but some things never change... your life,too can be "SEW FINE".  Sewing can put a smile on your face every day!

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Guess What I have been Doing?

Had some leftover Minky Scraps from the Old McDonald Book I made the other grandchildren-cut some squares

It has been used.... LOL

Yep, been holding the baby and sewing while he sleeps.  Sew Fine!