Saturday, January 5, 2019

Simple Minky quilt-changing pad/blankie

All Fabrics and bindings come from G Street Fabrics

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Simple quilt.. 2 this case/one side is a printed polar fleece-the kitties and the other side is pink minky.  The binding on this one is pink satin blanket binding, comes wide and one package did this quilt.

Lay the three layers on top of each other... Minky and flat batting and polar fleece.  Line them up and pin them.  Start your quilting of the sandwich with a line of stitching from corner to corner diagonally.  This will make your quilting even because all excess will squeeze out as you sew each line of quilting.  I did the lines on this one every 3 inches.

After you run your lines of quilting over the whole piece, trim your edges evenly and then pin your blanket binding over the edge evenly so the two edges front and back line up and do a blanket stitch over the edge so it is nice a flat with no raw edge of the binding exposed.

The binding is a foldover blanket binding so it is easier to work with.

When you get to a corner you stitch right up to the edge of the blanket and then fold the corner to miter it and stitch the angle first and then down the edge of the blanket so you have a nice finished corner look.

The fabrics are pre-washed before you start so all will wash well after you make it.. You can mix fabrics as long as they are pre washed so if anything is going to shrink or change in texture it will do it before you complete your project.  

This one is fleece and minky, but you could use cotton and minky or cotton and polar fleece as long as all is pre washed.

Yes, she likes this one with the kitties!

Although this matches her brothers room, she decided to take this to bed with her at night!!

This one just the minky is pulled around by making the minky backing bigger than the front.

And this blue one made for her brother, well, you see what happened to it!!!

Or in this case both sides minky with just some cotton gauze binding made by cutting strips of the cotton gauze with blue stars on it and folding it over the edges.

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