Friday, January 11, 2019

Jacket, Top and pants.......Baby baby blues and Scarves Scarves

Pants Simplicity 9597      (Leggings... made into Tubins')Drapeneck Blouse   Butterick 3131      Flattering if you don't have a long neckJacket                       Butterick 5045      Free Flowing... Fits anyone (shortened about 4-6 inches to go with pants, but is a long jacket for dresses)

What you see me in at work-

These are all quick and easy designs.... it is all about the colors and fabric textures more than the designs...

I work FULLTIME... you can do this tooo... are you motivated to have beautiful clothes without going broke?.... GOFORIT!!

If I can do it so can YOU!

Well,  Baby Blue Jacket spiderweb jacket and Ultrasuede, microfiber stretch pants.... Oh so yummy....
A little different pattern...

So we will have chemises out of solids and floral chiffons for over blouses ---View C over E.....with the solids for jackets and the infinity scarves out of different fabrics and solids and prints....  The larger scarves out of the same chiffon will look like a large cowl neck but will not be attached... just an infinity scarf.

Spider web jacket... Lace jacket and a blue scarf....

Already made Coral jacket and infinity scarf of white and coral with a spot of glitter.

Shades of royal blue in prints for scarves that go with Royal blue jackets and pants.

Orange silk infinity scarf... floral infinity scarf and a blouse over a chemise... and a spotted scarf of brown and white...for a shades of brown outfit.

Simplicity 9597--- I use a yard and quarter for pants and have a strip left for jewelry-earrings necklace, bangle and or scarf.

These pants are just made length to the ankles and turned up twice about  3/8 inch and then topstitched.... The legs when cut out are just straightened tubes to be more appropriate for a professional work look.---- Hence name tubins...
Take 20 minutes to sew with an elastic waist...oh so comfortable.  The top in this pattern is very unflattering for me.. I never like drooping shoulders and prefer regular inset sleeves because my normal shoulders slope.

Comfy flowing over jacket made to a tunic length but draping front flowing:  I usually use 2 yards and half for a jacket of this type in the pants length the front is wide, but you will have a strip left from the back layout for a scarf.... earrings etc.

Jacket B made about 6 inches shorter I am 5'2" and that length is great with my tubins....I have made the longer length that is great with my long boatneck dresses...  I have used every piece in this pattern-you don't have to have stretch material and they are feminine looking.  I always have to adjust the necklines higher in patterns because they show cleavage on me, just follow the curve and make them higher, but big enough to get your neck through and they work on any dress or over the head top.

This whole outfit in this pattern is great out of a gauze cotton... so graceful for summer at the beach.

Coppers, browns, oranges... tie scarves slanted ends and a small silk infinity scarf with a large 2 yard wide infinity scarf..... a warm neck in cold weather but lightweight fabrics.

I have a day off... so.... Red onsie... Done with that... Kimono for somone else and an outfit for me...  Lots of scarves off the back of the chair... I tend to drape 3/8 and quarter yard pieces of things I can't walk away from...