Thursday, January 17, 2019

kimono robe or not

No----- Asked for big sleeve style

Possible without banding and some improvising.

Three Choices but only 2 1/8 yds fabric
All call for more, but for bathrobe style with big sleeves,
using 2940 costume kimono, but have to find some fabric for banding... because I was not given the banding material...short person and 3/4 length so I decided I could adjust it.....

Fabric-  very very silky patterned all over non directional--this might work, but did not overlap in front so as robe, maybe not...

This would be excellent with black, blue, green or yellow banding.   I just didn't have anything in the stash the right weight and color to band.... so no banding.

I cut out the kimono, but could not make myself sew it without the banding.... so I bought both black and dark blue banding to see which I wanted to see...Three quarter kimono, 1 1/2 yds for banding and belt.... and 1 yard of interfacing (midweight)---again, I used the costume kimono -  adjusted for height and size by using the width I wanted shortening the sleeves for a shorter person before attaching the banding and shortening the pattern pieces for the length asked for to make a nice robe.

The fabric appears to be silk, but I am pretty sure the banding is polyester as I got it in the 2.97 room, but it is the same weight as the silk.

Sewing the kimono was pretty simple because it was just two baggy sleeves and two pieces for the front and the back piece, I did put the fronts and back together before I inset the sleeves, and that was easy for me, but easy for you is do it the way the pattern says and sew the shoulders, the the sleeves on the top edge and just sew the sleeve all the down the side of the dress.

I am doing the banding next... sew the cuffs together, and sew the two pieces of edge banding together .... press the outer edge up the 5/8 and then sew the notched edge onto the sleeves and fold it over sew you can hand sew the inner edge of banding and cuff.

I believe the difference in the contrasting black banding is fabulous.

using 2940 costume kimono

Had some problems with the fabric catching.. changed machine needles and nothing helped... hopefully a delicate pressing will make everything better

Hand Sewing stage

Hand sewing banding done... just needs a belt!