Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Onesie-Jumpsuit for winter...

Polar Fleece in this article by Kitty came from G Street Fabrics<--click Link

So, for the chick who I never know what to give, I started out making clothes, but then found a need for warmth, so I made a polar fleece bag blanket, with a D ring strap 

Blankie Bag in use... other side is Brown---Sew wrong sides together and then right sides together so you have  French seams inside... Fold down the top 2-3 inches to give nice soft blanket edge at top.... Make a strap out of the same fabric strip and sew one end on 2 D Rings and fold the other end to a point.
Wrap and Strap.

Pardon the wrinkles, but remember I only have a small space, so I don't have a place for an ironing board to be up all the time.  I am blogging in the middle of the night as I sew things.  This pic shows you the detail on the pockets and the cuffs sewn on the sleeves.

Here, you can see you attach the hood and then you do a top stitch around the seam below the hood attachment.  I did this after I had sewn the regular seam and did an overcast and trimmed-then I did the topstitching.  It makes the hood lay nice.  The zipper is an invisible zipper and I figure that little sway will be gone once she has her body in it...

All done, I figure she is going to sleep in it anyway, but I probably will do a little ironing on the sleeves where I see some wrinkles... 

OOOPS!  What is wrong with this picture?
LOOK at the pockets.... ARGHH

I like the sweatshirt gray cuffs on the sleeves ad legs.  The red one will be the same except a larger size.

Done.... and leftover of the Red for the Large size made a scarf..
How did I fix them... I made a bigger pocket put over the first one and now the Red onsies have a double pocket ... the smaller one inside the bigger one...

And.... His and Her Onsies out of Polar fleece, hope they fit... another not so simple thing that I probably could have made a dozen outfits for myself... Something for them, an infinity scarf for me.... something for them, an infinity scarf for me... dah dah... then I will make the blouses and pants and jackets that match my scarves.... LATER

1.  Cut out the fleece pieces..
2.  Sew pockets put on..
3.  Sew front to back at legs..
4.  Sew front to back on sides
5.  Sew back together..
6.  Sew zipper in..
7.  Attach Hood
8.  Sew in Arms
9.  Sew on cuffs bottom and Sleeves
His are Red..... Hers are the blue Cuffs are Ribbing Light sweatshirt Gray.