Sunday, July 1, 2018

knitted Chevron

2 and 1/2 yards of knitted chevron made jacket -scarf and earrings...1 3/4 yards did drapeneck blouse and scarf out of gray spandex lame'1 and 1/8 yards did the pants... I am 5'2"

Pants                        Simplicity 9597      (Leggings... made into Tubins')
Drapeneck Blouse   Butterick 3131      Flattering if you don't have a long neck
Jacket                       Butterick 5045      Free Flowing... Fits anyone
 (shortened about 4-6 inches to go with pants, but is a long jacket for dresses)

Old Patterns-can be purchased from Etsy and Ebay and sometimes other sites... just search the company-pattern number-sewing pattern and you will see who still has these patterns available...  People resell patterns they never used all the time...  These are my favorite patterns I use over and over again... 20 minute pants including cutting out.... drapeneck blouse maybe 2 hours... Jacket after cutting out sewing takes about an hour and half..... but simple sewing