Sunday, May 6, 2018

Carryon Made to Measurements

This Carryon Made to fit measurements.... Removeable Shoulder Strap on D Rings, or Tuckaway Tote handles in Velcro Closing side Pockets... Faux Leather, lightweight and self lined with removeable cardboard Flat Bottom.

Tote Handles Then Side pockets added to tuck, handles away and velcro shut

Tote Handles Hidden when side pockets velcrod shut

Side View of zippered closing before D-rings added for removeable shoulderstrap

Inside is self lined with a cardboard insert covered with same faux leather

Love this soft Vinyl Faux Leather from G Street Fabrics
Home Decorating 15.00 per yard wall.  

Would Make Great Clutch Bags etc.

This was filled with our Novelty Theme Fabric Jams, heading for HOT weather.

Beer Bottles, Mugs, Antique Cars, Bicycles and Dollars....

From the Cotton Novelty Theme Wall at G Street Fabrics

Used Self Fabric Drawstring coming out of Buttonholes at front of waist vs. elastic waist

Heading for Hot Weather -Need Jams!!