Sunday, July 22, 2018

Easy Comfy Work Outfits - Yardages

Pants                        Simplicity 9597 (Leggings... into Tubins')  Your length plus 3" most 1.25 yds 60")
Drapeneck Blouse   Butterick 3131      Flattering for shorter necks (2-2 3/8 45" or 1 3/8-1 5/8yds 60")
Jacket                       Butterick 5045      Free Flowing... Fits anyone   (2.5 yds 60")
 (shortened about 4-6 inches to go with pants, but is a long jacket for dresses)

This is a great pattern... I have used all items... shortened the jacket I am 5'2"  so took 4-6" off... just below bottom back, but used all the same sloping on edges to keep drape.  This is the jacket in picture.

Suits-Pencil skirts with easy Jackets and drapeneck blouses  - same blouse pattern quick and easy as above - Poly Poplin only 5.98 a yard... -yard for pencil skirt and any easy jacket pattern side piece from blouse for scarf.

Blouse piece layout below- (I cut multiples at a time from matte jersey)

Very quick and easy flattering blouse for me-long side piece is scarf
I cut these in multiples and put by sewing machine

I use this blouse pattern and add a little in drape.. can be matte jersey or silk -does not have to be stretch fabric

1.  Sew the legs first... you will have a right leg
and a left leg... do the hem, I just turn it up twice about 3/8 wide and top stitch... so you now have two legs...
Match your crotch right sides together back and front so you will have one long curve matching your inner leg seam... stitch

Pants - make legs to ankles and straight instead of tight-quick one pattern piece & elastic waist

Quick pants - any legging pattern with elastic waist - has one pattern piece all you need is your pants length plus hem and waist turnover and a piece of elastic your waist size.

Make the elastic circle how big you want your waist stitch first... lay over top of pants sewn together and still turned inside out...fold over the top with 1/4" turn under and top stitch the elastic circle in without stitching through the elastic and you have quickpants.  I leave a slight opening where I start at the front seam so that when I want the elastic to be tighter or looser I can easily pull the elastic through and also marks the front for me when putting the pants on.

QUICK Elastic Waist -Straight or Pencil Skirts.... Slightly shaped(sloped) to waist from 7-9" below your waistline

                                      <------------------>        plus 2.5 for back seam to be wide

whatever width you like your bottom skirt edge+seam- cut two +seam but cut your back piece plus seam and plus 1.5-2 inch for back seam kick pleat 

 to have side seams to keep your elastic waist skirt centered then cut at fold cut your shape width you want plus seams and slightly shaped to waist- elastic will do the rest.
kick pleat in back as shown, whatever length pleat fold you want... your back seam will be 1.5 to 2 inches... you will fold to one side... usually the left and sitch accross that side to center back as shown... your flap edges and trimmed seam itself can be overcast

Fabric 58-60 inch width... your length skirt plus 1.5" waist turn under and hem 1.5 - 2" your favorite style hem (hem ribbon or turn under or surge and blanket hem machine stitch)

Now you can have lots of pants and skirts in every color that cost 3.00 to 3.50 each-just go to the 'Treasure Hunt Room'...........'Value Vault' ........'Fabric Hunters Delight' or just the 2.97 Room at

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 Next   I will add easy Jackets with Lapels
Easy Structured Pants with Pockets
Easy Swimsuits and coverups

Printed Matte Black Matte Jersey