Friday, July 27, 2018

Wraps and Coverups

I update my blog pages sometimes by adding pics...  This one will have additions within a few days with pics of the actual item I made.

Wrap directions with two straps and front crossover   <----

This is for the customer discussion at work yesterday...

Of course, I don't know exactly which wrap you were talking about, so here are many...patterns and blog instructions from others.  Looks simple so I will try this one today and put a picture.

So you should be able to put your right arm in the loop^ your fabric will be coming around the front by wrapping under your left arm and then when you bring the fabric accross the front it will then get your left arm in the loop so it will be crossing over the front

Your front will always fit because your loops are always going to be your body width from hanging on your shoulders and the drape and wrap in back is determined by the width of this piece of fabric from loop to loop

                                                1                                      2                               3

The effect is the wrap diagonal accross the front 3

Here are some other easy patterns too:

Short one takes 2 1/2 ... Long one takes almost 4 yds of fabric

The top method is very easy.... BUT for me... I like to be totally covered lightly... so probably the second pattern because it is looser and the usually free flowing jacket pattern I use out of a gauze or net type of material so I feel like you are not looking at my almost 70 years of wear and tear...HAHA

Also... my rear view might not be so great in the easy loop one... .... I will make both and post a picture by this weekend.

Thanks for discussing... and reading...  You help inspire me and I will help inspire you....  Sewing for 60 years and still loving it every day!!!!

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