Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Chiffon Dress with Adjustable Banding at Lower Waist

 Creating a Chiffon Dress With
Adjustable Waisting

Totally Chiffon

With Rayon Chemise Under

Friday, June 18, 2021

Rayon Chemise to wear under Chiffon Dresses

 Simple Chemise Pattern made with drapey Rayon

Used large Flat Straps to hide Lingerie straps and extended length to go under ankle length long Chiffon Dress

Used Bias to finish edges of top of Chemise and made wide straps to cover under garment straps.

Attached rayon seam binding and hemmed bottom.

Sew Many Things -Sew Little Time

Finishing Up

Ottoman Slipcover.... Looked sew easy....Not Sew True

Antique hand loomed Rug which was already in the top of an old slipcover...

Had to removed from previous sides and matte frame in with Crypton Velvet and miter corners...

When removing from previous slipcover the ends had been cut off and were unweaving the rug...

Machine finished the edges all around and backed with a piece of the black Crypton and then framed in with a strip and mitered... 

Now that the rug was backed for strength-went back in and hand tacked the strips to make sure it did not fall apart.

Made self welting out of the black Crypton and then attached all around the top to fit the top of the Ottoman....

Made the Crypton skirt with pleated corners

Made the lining with Cotton Sateen-attached skirt to Slipcover top...attached lining to inside of the slipcover...

Attached rayon seam binding to Crypton and hand hemmed.

Pressed lining and hand hemmed

Put on Ottoman



Thursday, June 3, 2021

Making Stuffed Toys


This is Buddy the Magical Butterfly Pony -

EYES are Shank Buttons securely sewn on through each other to make them flatter on the head

Butterfly wings were drawn by me on paint and printed on Polar Fleece

Draw the Body first... and then legs and hooves are little tubes sewn shut on one end and tucked in and hand sewn on the legs... Legs are drawn with a bend and stuffed and then sewn on at the top with an X, so they can bend back and forth for sitting and standing!

Tail is braided embellished tulle with Rainbow stars securely sewn on.

The pony body fabric with colorful ponies on it and the colorful galaxy legs plus the red bumpy minky hooves came from my favorite place-

The Rainbow star tulle was found in the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at 2.97 a yard.... a great stash find when you have grandchildren or little toddlers that like you to make things.

There are three sizes of Eye shank buttons on the Turn table stands in front of the cashier...

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Copying Dresses That Fit

 Copying Something that Fits You

I use Create-A-Pattern Pellon type material that I buy from GStreetFabrics... 

lay dress on the create a pattern and cut out leaving a seam allowance.

I trace each piece with a 5/8 seam so I can alter if off a little.  I number the pieces as you would a bought pattern and write if the edge is on a fold and how many pieces I need and trace the Darts (important to add the Space you need for each dart or fold) I write dart or fold where needed and draw a line or dot.  Add extra for hem so you can adjust.  Take or draw a picture and put in the ziplock Gallon bag with the pattern for future use.

Original much loved dress worn through the threads of cotton.

Someone attempted to copy old dress, but did not make it the same and it was uncomfortable... changed to exact as original dress.

added buttons where missing

changed from buttonholes to loops like original

Newly copied dress back-like original

Pattern is ready for any additional dresses wanted

Then baste together.
Be sure to pre wash your fabric before cutting out and sewing so it doesnt shrink and change size after laundering.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Still Baby Baby


Nothing like seeing your minky Blanket quilt in action- this one has a little bias trim out of cotton gauze.

Here is the Butterfly wing sleeper in action! From a past posting.

Making facemasks


Three layer front masks with filter pocket and hanger cord with flexible nose inserts....

My Mask alterations to this:

I double the face mask pocket sew right sides together and flip then my facemasks are 3 layers in the front-- On the sides you can see after I  make the mask I turn it in to make a casking for the elastic and then I sew a second line of stitching so there can be a cord put in for a hanger casing and also if you want the masks to be tighter on the face ... the top casing I make for the plastic nose inserts and I put two together with a floral wire inside and use magic tape to tape them together so there is a flexible nose casing that will fit the face well.

2nd improvision, when I fold over the ends of the finished mask over the circle of elastic, I make a second row of stitching for the Cord that you see me wearing.  This works for me two ways.  One it is great to pull off the mask in the car and use as a hanger, but the 2nd most important way to me is that I can tighten the mask on the top edge of my face under my eyes to seal it off.   So many people do not have their masks on properly in public places that I feel that I need this extra precaution.

My nose inserts are these... 

and they form to your face and are flexible but stay with 
I use 2 white flat plastic nose inserts and tape a piece of 22 gauge floral wire inside of them and do a very spaced wrap tucking the end back inside the 2.  This bends - stays and is removable for washing.  The insert will totally conform to your face for comfort and staying power.

The nose casing is however long the insert is and is between the filter and the front directly over the middle of the mask.

I wear masks 10 hours a workday and this makes me comfortable and feeling a little safer.  I like to have the mask hanging around my neck when I am driving so I can just pop it on wherever I go.