Friday, August 28, 2020

Lace Jackets for Looks Not warmth.... and Totes

 Working on Totes today...  See What I am Doing at this Blog.. and a couple of lace Jackets.... plus  some face mask orders..  So Let us see what we can accomplish you with me...

Custom orders

Grandaughters.....could you guess?

and   then for me!

The Blue is really midnight blue.. which will be cool whatever top I wear under...

and Grey.... Then I have choices for the next three days.... I might make something else for work wear.

My usual jackets.. I love to wear to work.. It is hot at work these days.... so Lace is in with me... and I like pretty fabric, because if I am not-- it is...💃

I mean really Mermaids need to feel like they do in the water.... flowy and weightless... Lace does that!!

It is Good to be 'THE QUEEN'-- Wear what you want ... Do what you want... and sometimes....

Sometimes there are Lookers....

Floating around on your day off...  LOL

Orders are Done...

Granddaughter done... finish the totes and jackets and then daughter and grandsons and son in law masks.... Then.... omy work again.....SEE YOU THERE!🙈🙉🙊😽😸

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Palazzo Pants out of Rayon Challis

 Palazzo Pants

These Palazzo Pants are fun, comfy, graceful and with Rayon Challis from

Some of you know I buy all the fabrics for an outfit at the same time.  That way I have a vision in my mind of how the colors will be.  I knew I wanted to use the Rayon Challis for Palazzo Pants but I didn't have the pattern.  I just bought was was left on the tube.  It was on sale and I always make scarves and earrings etc.  Now it is facemasks too.   The earrings are the same as the pants... So I will wear the parrot mask with this outfit.
Parrot facemasks in my Etsy Store... LOL

I made the pants with two rows of 1/4 inch elastic at the waist and added the tie about a quarter inch wide and slid it through one of the rows of elastic.... I liked the way the waist looked and I love the pockets.

I really like this pattern, you can use it with or without stretchy fabric.  It is great with silks if you find some silk in the silk bin.  I take view E and change the straps to very wide flat straps so I can wear my comfy base support and I crop the length so I can wear it under my Lace over tops....which view C is my favorite to do this.  Again, view E has a great shape to it for draping silks.  When you see me in a nice silk top that hangs well, it is usually this pattern.

This is View E Cropped with added wide straps

This is view C over my version of cropped E

I picked these fabrics because I thought they toned down and brought out the other colors that were in the Rayon Challis Pants Fabric.

This is one of my favorite patterns...
It works great with non stretch fabric like gauze, linen and chiffon.... You can use any number of combinations.. and if you make roomy linen pants you can use your embroidery stitches with 
variegated colors down the side of legs and have great sailor pants with things like anchors.  They are not palazzos but are very roomy legs.

The Red Orange Lace Jacket is one of my favorites, if you come to G street that is usually what I am wearing over my outfits.  They make me feel feminine and flow.  My trademark of freeflowing fashion.... LOL  A lot of Lace Jackets for me.  Summertime I can use them with outfits or over bathing suits.  I throw them in the wash, I love them.  I do have to shorten them about 4-6 inches to feel the right length with my pants outfits.  That is view B jacket on this Pattern.

As I have said before in my blogs... I love accessorizing with scarves... or face masks...and earrings...LOL

Infinity scarves out of silk are so light and airy and hide or add to an outfit that you don't quite like...

So Many Beautiful Fabrics....

If nothing else I make a scarf a day... different lengths- if you have one longer around the neck one, you can use it to tie the others together... like a mans tie knot...or use elastic style bracelets around the middle..... fun fun fun

Quick and easy infinities---

Fold over the width you want sew the long tube..wide is good... right sides are together when you sew... Leave an opening in the middle just big enought to put your fingers in.. 2 inch or so... then pull the end through the tube so you have right side to right side at the end of the tube... twist once and then sew all the way around closing the end....

reach into the hole you left in the middle and pull the fabric right side out... slip stitch the hole shut..  VOILA... Infinity scarf

There is a lot of things you can do with sewing..

        You can put your dogs on a motorcycle... OR

      Your cats in cars... or whatever they want


Friday, July 31, 2020

Accessorizing with Your Face Mask

Lately I Have Been Feeling Like This! is now open, officially for over a month now... I am working again, but I have more days  I am feeling I need to go Kayaking today...

I am still Coping by Sewing....My Etsy Store,




Sew, I do still make Face Masks every day... That is a given...

Now I am expanding to accessorizing with the Face Masks....


Scrunchies with Tails..

Totes- Clear Plastic Over the Fabric that matches the Face Masks

Matching Bun Cover...
I love my hair... but I am feeling like tidying everything up because of this whole facemask thing

I am laying out 4 totes to be sewn later... with matching facemasks and scrunchies...  Forcing myself to carry on...

Before I go kayaking... I am dropping a couple of bags off at the landfill...  Then I am going to take my little inspiration notebook a pen, and my usual relaxation items to put in my kayak...

I am needing some me time.... I love my face mask customers... but enough is enough

Laying out my Totes now! with all the matching items.... and then I am OUT OF HERE!Argh!  Rain.... Kayakin Delay...till next day sew sew-music music music....

Yes, I did make it the next day it didn't rain and threw all my stress overboard as I floated around happily in solitude and feeling the miracle of nature.... and the miracle of what we can create in our minds when in solitude.....

It was a little cloudy, but it didn't rain on me..

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

G Street Fabrics is OPEN YEH! Sat June 20 They Opened to the Face Masked Public


I am working 3 days... and loving seeing the fabric again!   Beautiful Quilting Fabrics- 
Make some quick necessary things or get back to 
seeing the fabric you need for a new quilt

Now since I am working again, I need to look in my current stash and make an outfit to wear on Sunday Mon and Tuesday..

I am sewing 5 masks today, and working on my Cat quilt.. 15 blocks of cats doing their thing..

And I am going to look through my embroidery to do some embroidery on the sides of the face masks.....
Plus 1
paper pieced quilt pin.  Remember my cup of coffee???

It has a 3 D handle sticking out... that is supposed to be my steaming cup of coffee...

So that is todays scoop unless a new idea hits me

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Upside Down Roller Shades

I am supposed to be making something else, BUT... I was thinking about the things I loved in my past houses.  Are you looking at your house and saying what can I do to be happier here?.... If you have a man, he can make cornice boards for you...   But for me, I usually had to do everything, so here is something you can do if you like...


All this fabric came from G Street-I didn't work there, but I would go in and if I loved the fabric I would buy the whole bolt.  At this time I actually had a husband and we had a 10,000sqft house.  So,
Lots of windows.   

Upside down shades are really easy to do the way I did them..  That picture is an inexpensive room darkening roller shade that you could take the measure and get them to cut the roller part for you.
The brackets are easy to screw in to a wooden sided window... so in this picture the brackets are on each side at the bottom of the window, instead of normally at the top  the shade is placed so it will roll flat against the window inside and pulls up towards the top.  Options to go halfway or all the way up.  A brown velvet simple cloth valance at the top on a simple curtain rod beyond your cafe brackets for your shade rod.   The draperies had a holdback on each side to show off the shades, but when cold could drop down the draperies.  Big house needed draft blocker.  I used heavy lining behind the draperies, all using blackout or eclipse.  What is the use of making these beautiful things and having the sun ruin the effect of their patterns and fabric?

It was a big house with lots of windows..

This was my house for 17 years

Why block the beautiful outdoors in the daytime.... Upside down shades throughout my lower level did the trick.... Let me let the sun and outside in, but gave me privacy.  When the temperatures were cold at night up went the shades and close when the draperies....

The huge bay in the back I did one on each side of the bay and one huge one in the center and the valance across the top of the front of the bay.... it worked for me.... How about YOU?

This was my home for 10 Years

I started with nothing... Made the draperies and curtains first.

Happy Times

Notice.. Chairs upholstered with the same fabric as the Drapes... So me... LOL

But as the sign says 'Life is a Journey'   and I am on it.. so are you!

I have moved 7 times since then..7 times in 5 years... and now... no house.. but I have my sewing machine... 

and 8 here I am...Thud... 

Life goes on... You must stay positive!... I have had many traumatic adventures.  This house was many lives ago.   I have had broken neck, legs, back, a bankruptcy and Foreclosure and I am still here.  I am quarantining and when out have Cotton glove for handle and pushbutton hand and tote bag that is vinyl and clear plastic can be wiped and I plan on living another 30 years through more traumatic adventures.... STAY positive.   If you have a sewing machine, you can create, be happy and survive the depressing part.

Happy Sewing.

See You on a blog... I have many...  and I have an online slide show meetup  'Fabric Crafting with G Street' Meetup....  Just doing online slides of things...  or you can check out  for Online Fun

Friday, June 12, 2020

Sewing sewing Blogging sewing Selling... Whew.... Quarantine Exercising

Yes, that is what I am doing... Exercising on the exercise bike.. a little crazyness dancing with the pole that is here and 

sewing sewing..  today face masks and clothes hamper maybe an orange outfit to brighten my day....   

selling selling on Etsy... and Ebay

Sew and YOU...?

I am still alive and Quarantining...except I do have to go to the post office to ship because my printer broke and I don't want to spend the money for a new one... You know since paycheck days are over.. spending as little as possible.

New blog on making a tote bag.  I hate it when they change the framework on the computer and then you can't figure out the new changes, but the everyday challenges of Quarantine. ARGGGHH

This totebag post is the online meetup bag and gloves matching pattern that was posted on
FABRIC CRAFTING WITH G STREET MEETUP   Where I have been doing some online meetups to keep people buying fabric.

I have to admit since I am not working there anymore - THANK YOU COVID - I don't know why I call it with G Street... but I am still buying fabric from them and doing curbside pickup... so 
we do want them to stay open if this ever goes over!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Looking for me? My Online Stores are My kinda Fabulous

I have 3 online stores now... 

go to

I am sewing sewing sewing..... 

For my personal Fabrics - 

For things I create with fabrics-i.e. pillows, baby sets, freeflowing jackets.