Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Upside Down Roller Shades

I am supposed to be making something else, BUT... I was thinking about the things I loved in my past houses.  Are you looking at your house and saying what can I do to be happier here?.... If you have a man, he can make cornice boards for you...   But for me, I usually had to do everything, so here is something you can do if you like...


All this fabric came from G Street-I didn't work there, but I would go in and if I loved the fabric I would buy the whole bolt.  At this time I actually had a husband and we had a 10,000sqft house.  So,
Lots of windows.   

Upside down shades are really easy to do the way I did them..  That picture is an inexpensive room darkening roller shade that you could take the measure and get them to cut the roller part for you.
The brackets are easy to screw in to a wooden sided window... so in this picture the brackets are on each side at the bottom of the window, instead of normally at the top  the shade is placed so it will roll flat against the window inside and pulls up towards the top.  Options to go halfway or all the way up.  A brown velvet simple cloth valance at the top on a simple curtain rod beyond your cafe brackets for your shade rod.   The draperies had a holdback on each side to show off the shades, but when cold could drop down the draperies.  Big house needed draft blocker.  I used heavy lining behind the draperies, all using blackout or eclipse.  What is the use of making these beautiful things and having the sun ruin the effect of their patterns and fabric?

It was a big house with lots of windows..

This was my house for 17 years

Why block the beautiful outdoors in the daytime.... Upside down shades throughout my lower level did the trick.... Let me let the sun and outside in, but gave me privacy.  When the temperatures were cold at night up went the shades and close when the draperies....

The huge bay in the back I did one on each side of the bay and one huge one in the center and the valance across the top of the front of the bay.... it worked for me.... How about YOU?

This was my home for 10 Years

I started with nothing... Made the draperies and curtains first.

Happy Times

Notice.. Chairs upholstered with the same fabric as the Drapes... So me... LOL

But as the sign says 'Life is a Journey'   and I am on it.. so are you!

I have moved 7 times since then..7 times in 5 years... and now... no job..no house.. but I have my sewing machine... 

and 8 here I am...Thud... 

Life goes on... You must stay positive!... I have had many traumatic adventures.  This house was many lives ago.   I have had broken neck, legs, back, a bankruptcy and Foreclosure and I am still here.  I am quarantining and when out have Cotton glove for handle and pushbutton hand and tote bag that is vinyl and clear plastic can be wiped and I plan on living another 30 years through more traumatic adventures.... STAY positive.   If you have a sewing machine, you can create, be happy and survive the depressing part.

Happy Sewing.

See You on a blog... I have many...  and I have an online slide show meetup  'Fabric Crafting with G Street' Meetup....  Just doing online slides of things...  or you can check out  for Online Fun