Wednesday, June 24, 2020

G Street Fabrics is OPEN YEH! Sat June 20 They Opened to the Face Masked Public


I am working 3 days... and loving seeing the fabric again!   Beautiful Quilting Fabrics- 
Make some quick necessary things or get back to 
seeing the fabric you need for a new quilt

Now since I am working again, I need to look in my current stash and make an outfit to wear on Sunday Mon and Tuesday..

I am sewing 5 masks today, and working on my Cat quilt.. 15 blocks of cats doing their thing..

And I am going to look through my embroidery to do some embroidery on the sides of the face masks.....
Plus 1
paper pieced quilt pin.  Remember my cup of coffee???

It has a 3 D handle sticking out... that is supposed to be my steaming cup of coffee...

So that is todays scoop unless a new idea hits me