Friday, June 12, 2020

Sewing sewing Blogging sewing Selling... Whew.... Quarantine Exercising

Yes, that is what I am doing... Exercising on the exercise bike.. a little crazyness dancing with the pole that is here and 

sewing sewing..  today face masks and clothes hamper maybe an orange outfit to brighten my day....   

selling selling on Etsy... and Ebay

Sew and YOU...?

I am still alive and Quarantining...except I do have to go to the post office to ship because my printer broke and I don't want to spend the money for a new one... You know since paycheck days are over.. spending as little as possible.

New blog on making a tote bag.  I hate it when they change the framework on the computer and then you can't figure out the new changes, but the everyday challenges of Quarantine. ARGGGHH

This totebag post is the online meetup bag and gloves matching pattern that was posted on
FABRIC CRAFTING WITH G STREET MEETUP   Where I have been doing some online meetups to keep people buying fabric.

I have to admit since I am not working there anymore - THANK YOU COVID - I don't know why I call it with G Street... but I am still buying fabric from them and doing curbside pickup... so 
we do want them to stay open if this ever goes over!