Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Galaxy Changing Pad

Simple minky backed changing pad

This was made as a long rectangle so it would double as a play pad in the floor.

Backing Minky bigger than the front galaxy cotton.  The cotton was pre washed because it would shrink but the minky would not.  Flat quilting batting in between and laid out so the backing could be brought around after quilting and be the soft binding.  It was quilted about 2 inches apart from corner to corner and out to squeeze out the excess air... and then after quilting the edging was turned over and blanket stitched around the edge.

So Soft and completely washable.

John Deere Tractor Quillow

QUILLOW Folded Into Pillow

Minky backed Fabric Just turned under and topstitched  Outline stitched on pattern

Restitched pillow pocket on bottom

Double folded into the pocket for pillow

VOILA  Quilt Becomes a Pillow-Quillow

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Scarf Box GIft

Ever Wonder what to get Someone Who Will Soon Be 95 Years?

How About a Scarf Box?

Covered a box that could be easily opened with Sequined fabric

Inside of the box is covered so it is pretty when you are lifting the scarves up to look at them and touch and feel the different textures

Each scarf was a bias triangle so it could tied around her head, but some small and some large to use at different times, and seasons, or just a colorful accent at the neckline.

I wasn't too sure that she was going to like these, but she couldn't stop picking them up and looking at each one and touching and feeling them...

These were fabric wrapped presents tied with a Red Ribbon

Love these Pillows... Pictures don't do it justice

Simple pillows were done by cutting front and back squares the same size... about an inch to inch and half smaller than the pillow inserts.  Took invisible zipper and put between the front and back and made it almost the full length of the pillow piece, with about an inch on each end sewn.... then sew the front to back right sides together with the zipper partially open so you can unzip it and turn it right side out and putting the insert in...squeeze it in so the excess of size goes into the corners to prevent limp corners or dogears.. VOILA... yeh! pillows

Back sides were Burgundy and White Invisible zipper at the bottom of the pillow

Seemed to be a hit on Both Counts, but always a wonder what you can get someone who had been around for almost a century.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Holiday GIfts

Holiday Gifts in the making

Right Now the Scarf is done that is in the tote in the picture
The Tote fabric had some left over so I think I am going to put a big pocket around before I put the straps on and one inside and if enough fabric a little clutch.

I will add the directions later today as I finish this item

This took abour 3/8 of the faux fur and I made a tube and turned it inside out

Two Neckrolls made from the leftover fabric from the bench cushion and toss pillows

Friday, December 14, 2018

sewing a semi-attached bench cushion cover

I was asked to copy this cushion:

Here is what I was given: ( old cushion)

and some fabric with these wide stripes.... Easy ---NOT

Had to do lots of measures and a diagram

WARNING:   If you are buying fabric with wide stripes... woven will make your stripes even.... This fabric has the stripes painted on and they are not equal--- recipe for the insane asylum--  Made uneven cushion that has attachments to fit on a piece of furniture you do not have.... and fabric that is impossible to make perfect as the stripes are not even..... AHHHHH--- This fabric did not come from the store I work at--- AHHHHHHHHHH---The cushion insert is not even(made of some rolled upholstery batting stuffed inside the pillows... and it has a flange around the cushion cover.... another thing to show uneven properties.... and each side of the bench cushion-back and bottom has a zipper...

1.  Make the center zipper plackard... since it was not going to show I made it out of a solid color the same color as the zippers... WHITE...and I made the zippers the size of the length of the pillow covers...

2.  Make the pillow inserts have a muslin cover so your batting roll is even inside the pillow covers and can be removed in a lump and not fall apart when removed.

3.  Measure everything and copy the cushion cover by measurements, so you can give back the original cushion and a new cushion-in case the new one fails, or so the owner can have a back up cushion when the new one gets dirty.(don't know if they pre-washed and it may shrink if they try to wash it.

I don't have the bench but I put the velcro in the same place and the channels for the back in the same spacing... Soooo I hope so...
There was a couple of pieces left...from the sides.. so I made toss pillows 16x16 with invisible zippers.

There are a couple of long skinny pieces, I guess I could make them some neck rolls.

If they need a backup, I am giving them their old cushion back.

Yeh!... They just sent me a pic... it did fit..!!!

Soooo, This is why I have not been blogging.... it was a long drawn out project..

Saturday, December 8, 2018

My Little Tote Bag

Little Tote to Tote along the alphabet and numbers 

Vinyl, Lining material and Thread purchased at

G Street Fabrics<---link for store site

Cut out the pieces to the tote and Freemotion
Small Zig Satin Stitched the letters and numbers
On Each side of the tote pieces before sewing the tote together

Cut out a strip for strap and fold in and zig zag down the center to make a handle

The Lining has letters and numbers too, in Flannel

fold the lining like you do the outside and sew the side seams, then on the bottom pinch the ends and sew across the end and trim the triangle off so the bottom ends look like this... same with the outside of the tote, and put the lining inside--turn under both the lining and the outside and topstitch catching the strapping on the sides so the end is in between the lining and the outside.

Made just like Grammies big tote bag

Found these Foam Letters at one of the local drug stores

Everyone Should have their personal Alphabet and numbers...LOL

If this looks like fun things to make, here are others at this link...from my other blog...

Things I made for my grand daughter <-- Click link (

Wednesday, December 5, 2018