Saturday, December 8, 2018

My Little Tote Bag

Little Tote to Tote along the alphabet and numbers 

Vinyl, Lining material and Thread purchased at

G Street Fabrics<---link for store site

Cut out the pieces to the tote and Freemotion
Small Zig Satin Stitched the letters and numbers
On Each side of the tote pieces before sewing the tote together

Cut out a strip for strap and fold in and zig zag down the center to make a handle

The Lining has letters and numbers too, in Flannel

fold the lining like you do the outside and sew the side seams, then on the bottom pinch the ends and sew across the end and trim the triangle off so the bottom ends look like this... same with the outside of the tote, and put the lining inside--turn under both the lining and the outside and topstitch catching the strapping on the sides so the end is in between the lining and the outside.

Made just like Grammies big tote bag

Found these Foam Letters at one of the local drug stores

Everyone Should have their personal Alphabet and numbers...LOL

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