Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Scarf Box GIft

Ever Wonder what to get Someone Who Will Soon Be 95 Years?

How About a Scarf Box?

Covered a box that could be easily opened with Sequined fabric

Inside of the box is covered so it is pretty when you are lifting the scarves up to look at them and touch and feel the different textures

Each scarf was a bias triangle so it could tied around her head, but some small and some large to use at different times, and seasons, or just a colorful accent at the neckline.

I wasn't too sure that she was going to like these, but she couldn't stop picking them up and looking at each one and touching and feeling them...

These were fabric wrapped presents tied with a Red Ribbon

Love these Pillows... Pictures don't do it justice

Simple pillows were done by cutting front and back squares the same size... about an inch to inch and half smaller than the pillow inserts.  Took invisible zipper and put between the front and back and made it almost the full length of the pillow piece, with about an inch on each end sewn.... then sew the front to back right sides together with the zipper partially open so you can unzip it and turn it right side out and putting the insert in...squeeze it in so the excess of size goes into the corners to prevent limp corners or dogears.. VOILA... yeh! pillows

Back sides were Burgundy and White Invisible zipper at the bottom of the pillow

Seemed to be a hit on Both Counts, but always a wonder what you can get someone who had been around for almost a century.