Friday, December 14, 2018

sewing a semi-attached bench cushion cover

I was asked to copy this cushion:

Here is what I was given: ( old cushion)

and some fabric with these wide stripes.... Easy ---NOT

Had to do lots of measures and a diagram

WARNING:   If you are buying fabric with wide stripes... woven will make your stripes even.... This fabric has the stripes painted on and they are not equal--- recipe for the insane asylum--  Made uneven cushion that has attachments to fit on a piece of furniture you do not have.... and fabric that is impossible to make perfect as the stripes are not even..... AHHHHH--- This fabric did not come from the store I work at--- AHHHHHHHHHH---The cushion insert is not even(made of some rolled upholstery batting stuffed inside the pillows... and it has a flange around the cushion cover.... another thing to show uneven properties.... and each side of the bench cushion-back and bottom has a zipper...

1.  Make the center zipper plackard... since it was not going to show I made it out of a solid color the same color as the zippers... WHITE...and I made the zippers the size of the length of the pillow covers...

2.  Make the pillow inserts have a muslin cover so your batting roll is even inside the pillow covers and can be removed in a lump and not fall apart when removed.

3.  Measure everything and copy the cushion cover by measurements, so you can give back the original cushion and a new cushion-in case the new one fails, or so the owner can have a back up cushion when the new one gets dirty.(don't know if they pre-washed and it may shrink if they try to wash it.

I don't have the bench but I put the velcro in the same place and the channels for the back in the same spacing... Soooo I hope so...
There was a couple of pieces left...from the sides.. so I made toss pillows 16x16 with invisible zippers.

There are a couple of long skinny pieces, I guess I could make them some neck rolls.

If they need a backup, I am giving them their old cushion back.

Yeh!... They just sent me a pic... it did fit..!!!

Soooo, This is why I have not been blogging.... it was a long drawn out project..