Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Tuxedo BIb

For all the fabrics and bias Tape and a package of snagfree sew on velcro- This sticks to itself and does not catch on your creation.  I just cut a rectangular piece and hand sewn on the place where the top comes around.  This makes the bib totally reversible.

The velcro is in a package on the hooks by the zippers or you can order online

A Little Leftover Black Charmeuse and a piece of cotton on a
pleater board made this Tuxedo Bib for Baby going out to a wedding

Tuxedo shirt is narrow pleated with pleater board


Reverse side for Regular event

Tux in use at a wedding event

Cotton Sateen from the 2.97 room and some double fold narrow bias tape and a small amount of the same charmeuse from the Tuxedo side