Saturday, September 4, 2021

Coat With Simple Shawl Collar

 Now Making

Fur Coat with Simple Shawl Collar and Side Pockets

Lined with Black Satin

Faux Fur
Heavy Satin Coat Lining
Firm up/Hair Canvas/Batting for Wide Lapel To standup when wanted
Pleather for Belt if wanted and Large accent button, maybe edge trim on side seam pockets

The perfect feel fur:



At this stage, I am adjusting level of side pockets-add on and I am making them fur for warmth.  I had two choices of pocket styles

So(sew), here is the traditional pocket piece you can take from any pattern and use on any other pattern in the side seam---or you can use a box shape which gives more room for your hand in a coat.  I prefer the hidden pocket, instead of the front rectangular box pocket.

the shape below is squared off at the bottom - so a little bigger

Unless your pocket is a different fabric and it adds design-it is better hidden in my opinion.

Nice Satin for Lining

Nice Pleather for Sash Belt and Large Button - maybe trim on Side seam pockets.  The Pleather I am going to use is suede on one side and pleather on the other.  Non-stretch... I believe I will try to rouche the middle of the belt and use a leather look buckle that is a pull through without eyelet holes, so It can be reversible.
I will make it adjustable in size that way as I don't have an exact measure and then the leftovers can go to accessories.  

I covered some large buttons, but I don't believe that will enhance the look of the fur.  I am experimenting as I go and everything I do with the coat has to be hand stitched before it is machine stitched to give it perfect look at seams.

Patterns to get the right lapel, flow and look

Batting-Hair Canvas-Black Firmup for ingredients for best large lapel collar Stablizing

This is the look we are going for... with optional pleather covered large buttons (2) and or Large Rouged back pleather belting with a pull through buckle.---Large Side Seam Pockets---Rounded edge lapels that are full.

Take all the best parts of three patterns and cut out.... and sew...
After sewing together before lining and some hand padding stitches

Interlining at hem has to be sewn in before the hem can be sewn to it and then the lining.
Kickpleat has to be sewn to interlining strip before lining can be sewn in

Nice kick pleat in back of long below calf coat will add design to the coat back

Pockets sewn into side seams have to be trimmed and then sewn down and toward front to flatten and also made out of fur for warmth will be hidden by lining

If there is leftover Fur

A Purse?... remember this one?

I can try this purse or clutch or both with the fur.. and Pleather combo

The left over fabrics did not go to is a clutch from the same fabric