Tuesday, April 13, 2021


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with Kitty

 Block quick piecing scraps around a square.

Sew....   I am, of course, still sewing baby related things..... but inbetween -inspired by the store customer quilters, I am doing block based scrap quilting.....  Quick easy and basically unplanned or any particular size pieced together...

So, this can be done with an 8 x 8  - 10 x 10 or a

12 x 12 block base...  and you can piece it with the block squared straight or on the diagonal...

Your center piece of the block can be whatever size you want and build from there... so here are the first two blocks with the idea that they are the beginning of two different scrap quilts based on the same idea.

I used 10 x 10 base blocks.   The fabrics are from the boxes of scraps from face masks.


I decided the center blocks should be a person place or thing centered and then the other pieces are just random strips.

This one is just straight squared block base.
To do this with me...
Block 1

2.  Do all the blocks in the same direction... so the center placement indicates how your throw will look when finished...

3.  Just start picking up strips and adding on the sides...

Make the center square the size of the picture on the that print... and then go from there.

4.  Lay your strips on the square and use quarter inch seams... have your iron handy.. and press as you go... You can see here I have them on a wool pressing pad... and the iron next to it so I can just sew on, press and go to the next pieces..

When the pieces you iron flat start hanging over your base block-trim and you will end up with a finished block the size of your base block-whatever size you chose.

Block 2

Sew.... Those are my mask scraps.... how about you?.... but they don't have to be scraps... you can make yours what ever you like... come to 

I cut a pile of the base squares and lay them next to the sewing machine.... and a pile of center squares... and have a big bag of mask scraps there and then even when I am tired... when I get home from work, I can make at least one square before I konk out... of course, my sewing machine and fabric is next to my bed.... but you can just stumble into bed after doing a block in your sewing room... my space is my everything room.... LOL... Goforit!!  Scrap along or just make a fun quilt that is an ISPY for you grandkids or kids....!!!

www.Gstreetfabrics.com or pick online and we will mail some fabric to you and you can.... piece away your throws..... after I accumulate all the blocks... I will show you different ways to put them together.....  that is another blog....   have fun!!!..

Here is the basic outline of the throws as a basic quilt

I believe I am going to make these about 5 blocks accross and 5 blocks down - plus 3 inch strip bordering so that would make them around 5 feet by 5 feet for a throw.(maybe a little bigger)

5 x 10 +2" x 6(finished strips)
that is 62" plus some kind of binding.... so I will post them when finished... 

Block 3
These are going to become ISPY quilts.... a flap will be stitched over the center squares so the kids can play concentration with themselves or take on a picnic as a picnic throw to have fun while sitting with the picnic basket...

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

You can jump ahead and make yours.. by taking the square of a batik or plain color fabric and cutting 2.. sewing them wrong sides together and flipping them out through one edge... that edge can be the one you are going to topstitch close to the top seam of the center square so it can be lifted up...  If you want to get really crazy with it you can use the first letter of the alphabet on them before you sew the two together.... then it can also be a learning the words quilt....  but... then you must have instead of just two apples... you would have two apples and two airplanes
so it is not too easy to play concentration.

Block 7

Block 8

Have Fun with it!
Block 9


Make a picnic ISPY throw for the little ones you love

Make it a quillow and throw a handle on it.... they will drag it along...LOL

Going the next step to turn your ISPY into a game board for solitaire memory - concentration

Add a flap on top over your center ISPY and put the letter of the word for your Item under the flap.... and a number on top

T for Truck


You could just do blocks and put a number flap on top

I have to finish the onesie I am doing now and matching cap plus at least one Burp Drool and tinkle set.   See Ya!